Disney Introduces New Frozen Ride Coming to Epcot

If you’re having visions of Elsa and Olaf just about everywhere, it appears that you’re not alone. Some people just cannot get enough of this movie. Due to the popularity of the movie and its smashing cultic following, Disney is creating a new experience for their part goers in Florida. It will be located in the Norway Pavilion and they are releasing the first sneak peak today.

The song was bad enough, but Elsa is on everything from curtains to bedroom slippers. It seems this movie isn’t going away anytime soon. So with that in mind, Disney is capitalizing on their movie and making it even more memorable for guests visiting the parks. Business leaders wrote that the new ride won’t be open until next year, but it is going to replace the relic ride that has been there for nearly 3 decades.

Fans who loved the Maelstrom ride in the Epcot center will have to mourn its final days. The Frozen ride will be ready by next summer. With much anticipation, many are hoping that there are plenty of icy elements and perhaps a cold blast or two with this ride. The sky is the limit when Disney is involved. Since it is a mythical land of ice it’s no telling what this ride will be like. The lines will be out the park for a while to get to this ride, but like anything in life, it’s probably going to be worth the wait.