Eva Moskowitz, Looking to the Future

For Success Academy founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz, rising to the challenges of bringing charter schools in New York to the top of the education pyramid under difficult circumstances is all in a day’s work. Thinking outside the box and drawing on support from her fellow staffers has allowed Eva Moskowitz to surpass her own expectations on what a charter school could and should be. Her unique perspective on teaching has been a major contributor to the success of her schools in New York City. Born in 1964 and graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Eva Moskowitz continues to be committed to the children of New York and furthering their education.


The proof of the schools success can be seen through the creation of the Success Academy Education Institute. After raising a little more than 35 million dollars at an April 2016 fund raiser Eva Moskowitz instructed her staffers to get started on the Institute. This new program will allow others to be guided through the same systems, tricks and techniques that her charter schools implement in hope to show the nation what is truly possible for charter schools such as the Success Academy. In an online video Eva Moskowitz explained a little about the program and how it will work.


Looking to the future, Eva Moskowitz has big plans to ensure our children are able to compete with many other countries where even our highest-performing students are not at the level of their lower performers. She describes this as an international crisis and hopes that people begin to understand the impact this will have on Americans and the global competition we are currently in.


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