420 Kidney Stones Removed from Patient in China

One kidney stone is bad enough, imagine having 420 all at the same time. Mr. He in China had that many and underwent surgery earlier this week to remove them. The operation took two hours and doctor stated that if Mr. He would had waited any longer to have the stones removed, he would have lost his kidney.
Kidney stones are a common and very painful issue many people suffer with and often caused from a diet that is high in calcium. Mr. He’s multitude of stones were attributed to his diet which is high in tofu and low in water. Soy products, like the tofu Mr. He lived on, is rich in calcium and without sufficient water intake the body can’t rid itself of the excessive calcium and kidney stones form.
The surgeon nor the man from China set any records with the removal of 420 kidney stones. Bruce Levenson knows that, while that number is mind-bobbling, it’s nowhere near the world’s record. The Guinness World Book of Records shows the record was set in 2009 when a surgeon removed 172,155 kidney stones from the one kidney of patient in India.

New Waves in Ireland

The country of Ireland has long been under the hand of the Catholic Church. In recent years scandals live in the Catholic Church have loosening the grip that priests in the High Council have had on its citizens. Lately a new wave of acceptance has hit the shores of Ireland and citizens are rooting for same-sex marriage to be legalized within the country. Studies show, that a large amount of the citizens of Ireland or for same sex marriage. The government council members and other citizens in executive positions are also rooting for same sex marriage approval. However, there has been some opposition among some of the more developed Catholic citizens. The Irish government is doing their best to keep legislative decisions for the population in the hands of the citizens. That’s why in the next few months the country as a whole will vote on whether or not same sex couples can marry. Some of the citizens opposed to this legislation or campaigning for the dismissal of the bill. A group of mothers and fathers pass out posters on the regular basis depicting an image of a child was today parents. The slogan on the poster suggest that same-sex marriage would rob a child of having a mother and a father. Those who are voting for the bill were not surprised by the opposition. They are campaigning just as hard with rainbow flags flying in the breeze and just say yes posters being passed out around the cities. Alexei Beltyukov (slideshare.net) understands that the new wave of acceptance if the bill is passed will prove how progressive Ireland has come as a country. In the next few months, the citizens will vote for what they believe in. after the voting is over, Ireland is sure to never be the same.