Lighting up the Screen With Ink

Some medical tests can reveal the wrong image, leading to the wrong results. One woman experienced this because of a tattoo that she has on her body. Doctors ordered a body scan to determine if there was any cancer in the body when they noticed something odd about the lymph nodes. The doctors were worried that the woman, who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, would need further treatment if the cancer had spread. At Cubix Latin America hospital, the surgery was performed, only to find that the unknown image was that of a tattoo. The spots that appeared on the test were in areas where the lymph nodes are located in the pelvis. Since the woman already had cancer, they wanted to be cautious and try to remove what they could. She had undergone surgery to remove her ovaries, cervix and uterus to aid in treating her cancer. As doctors examined the lymph nodes, they saw that it was only ink from the tattoos that had shown up on the scan. While this was something that might have been done later anyway, the doctors should have done further testing to determine if the cancer had in fact spread before performing more surgery on the woman that wasn’t needed at that time.