Plastic Surgery Consultations Made Easier With Dr. Rod Rohrich

In today’s world, technological innovations have been part of most decisions that people today make. This include medical decisions as well as other kinds of decisions. Many people today want to look and feel their best. One of the best ways to do this is with the help of the world of plastic surgery on Plastic surgery can help anyone look better and feel better. Doctors can do all kinds of things including removing unsightly moles, clearing out any existing scar tissue and helping people get rid of excessive fat. Working with a plastic surgeon can be extremely gratifying.

A New Method

A new method today makes this even easier. As reported in the New York Times, a new site makes finding a potential plastic surgeon is now easier than ever before. Using a site called Zwivel allows potential patients to explore working with doctors who may be able to help them in some way. They can use the site to connect directly with doctors such as Rod Rohrich, a plastic surgeon in Dallas who has a huge following of patients who been able to turn to him to for help as they decide if plastic surgery might be the right solution for their needs.

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Working With Dr. Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the nation’s foremost plastic surgeons is someone with a long history in the field. The doctor has made it his life’s work to help others look and feel better via his well honed surgical skills and understanding of how the human body fits together. Rohrich has been at the forefront in researching all kinds of surgical techniques that have been shown to work well and offer improved results compared to prior procedures. His devotion to excellence in the field is well known and much respected.

His Background

The doctor grew up on the great plains. Here, Rod Rohrich was given many chances to be in the outdoors and explore the idea of how biology works firsthand. It was here that he began to develop his lifelong love of medicine and his desire to help people get better. After completing his undergraduate education, he entered medical school. Deciding to specialize in plastic surgery, he quickly became noted for his surgical skills and his desire to learn the best possible way to get the results his patients want. His career since then has only continued to expand into new areas.

21st-century cosmetic procedures in women

In 2013 to 2014 there has been a sharp rise of ‘designer vagina’ surgery. Women have started paying more attention down there because of the current trend for total pubic hair removal and increased access to pornographic images.

From as young as 16-year-old girls, to women above 70 years, more women are choosing to have cosmetic surgery so as to look good in swim wear and yoga pants. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, spokeswoman and aesthetic plastic surgeon for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) based Texas is ‘one of the most popular cosmetic procedure in women’.

Labiaplasty – it is an operation performed on ‘lips’ surrounding the vagina known as labia. It is one of the most popularly known cosmetic surgery in women and has proven to be a life-changing to many women.

There two places where Labiaplasty can be performed:

  • Labia majora – the larger, external vaginal lips, and
  • Labia minora – the inner, smaller vaginal lips.

The procedure can change the shape correcting asymmetry or size making labia smaller.

Vaginoplasty – it is a procedure aims to correct slack vagina, often resulting from aging or childbirth to make it ‘tight’.

ThermiVa – is a non-invasive procedure which tightens vagina by use of radio frequency.

There are several reasons why procedures for feminine issues have sharply risen. Some women are having all their pubic hair removed, Hollywood and Brazilian laser and waxes hair removal. And rise in access to scantily-clad women and pornographic images online. Resulting to women paying attention down there when wearing yoga pants, tight jeans, and swimwear.

It’s a new fashion woman having Brazilian laser and waxes hair removal and going bare, down there, and all over sudden women has started noticing things down there they may have not noticed before.

Enlarged labia can cause severe discomfort when wearing tight clothing as well as during sex, and can impact on a woman’s hygiene.

Due rising in awareness of ‘cosmetic vagina’ surgery women are now aware they have options. Greater discussion of this issue has helped break down taboo and made surgery a viable option. Most women seek children after childbirth on their 20s and 30s.

Cosmetic Safety Study by Dr. Rod Rohrich

A recent cosmetic surgery safety study was completed by Dr. Rod Rohrich that supports a standard protocol for each type of hypertension management during facelift surgery procedures. An archival review of the doctor’s Dallas facelift cosmetic surgeries supports a focus on blood pressure management as an important prevention for possible post operative hematomas. An effective protocol and preventive algorithm has been developed by Dr. Rohrich to use in order to avoid hypertension events.

A publication in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal highlighted a medical study using Dr. Rohrich’s archival data that included 1,000 patients who had undergone facelifts. Any reported post-facelift hematomas were noted. Hematomas are common complications that occur during and after a facelift operative procedure. An algorithm was presented in the medical report for plastic surgeons to use in order to reduce or prevent postoperative complications including hematomas.

The study outlined the characteristics of a hematoma including pooling of blood or a blood clot that may occur during this type of medical procedure. Postoperative problems can occur about the skin surface. Skin sloughing and edema are two common problems according to current medical literature. The protocol or surgery process that is presented by Dr. Rohrich tends to reduce these postoperative complications significantly. Effective blood pressure control helps to effectively reduce the possibility of a hematoma during facelift surgery. The protocol regimen or algorithm uses unique preoperative health screening and, also, carefully follows each patient’s reaction to surgery during and after a facelift. General anesthesia is used along with preventive and other hypertension medications as needed in order to control blood pressure.

This article was originally reported on WDRB41 Louisville News.

Safety and Realism are the Keys to the Approach of Dr. Rod Rohrich

A group of medical researchers, including UT Southwestern Medical Centers Dr. Rod Rohrich have combined their efforts to create a report on the effects of blindness being caused by the injection of facial fillers as a cosmetic procedure. Rohrich has long been an advocate for the use of greater levels of safety to be used in the field of plastic surgery as the effects of ill prepared techniques should be gathered and reported to help the industry evolve. Facial fillers are commonly used and form a major part of the many research papers Rohrich has produced into the ways the body ages and how to keep patients as safe and happy as possible as procedures are completed.

Dr. Rohrich has used his position as one of the leading lights of cosmetic and plastic surgery in the world to call for major changes to made to this still evolving area of the medical world. Rohrich is a regular speaker at seminars and meetings around the world, as well as being an active surgeon and teaching professor at UT Southwestern.

The research into facial fillers is just the latest example of the work Dr. Rohrich completes into the areas of safety and in his aims to make sure the plastic surgery industry remains at the forefront of medical advances. The study itself showed that the chances of blindness occurring when an individual is injected with a facial filler is very slim, but that more occasions have occurred than have been reported. The work done into how the skin and body age completed by Rohrich should be used as the basis of understanding how the use of plastic surgery techniques can be used in unique ways to maintain the safety and good health of the individual.