Bulletproof Coffee founder hopes to boost energy levels at breakfast

The founder of the Bulletproof Coffee brand is hoping to bring his customers an energy boosting drink that is calorie filled, but free from the toxins he believes cause the highs and lows involved in coffee drinking. Dave Asprey has created a beverage based on a form of tea he first sampled on a trip to Tibet in place of his regular cup of morning coffee, Asprey has reported he no longer felt the effects of altitude sickness or the fog he had reported to doctors for a number of years. The former Silicon Valley executive is now in the coffee business full time and has opened his first coffee shops in California in a bid to bring his own brand of butter infused coffee.

Asprey does not only want to create a coffee business, but wants to add a healthy energy boost to the days of every Bulletproof Coffee drinker who he hopes will replace their breakfast with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. The toxins that are often found in coffee beans have been removed because Asprey and his team of experts believe these lead to the feeling of crashing soon after a cup of coffee is drunk. The founder of the brand himself spent a large number of years avoiding coffee when he felt the foggy brain he encountered was caused by the caffeine within.

In Tibet, Asprey discovered the sweetening of tea with sugar and now recommends the use of grass fed butter to sweeten his own Bulletproof Coffee brand. The use of butter in coffee and tea is growing in popularity as people look for a more natural way of sweetening drinks than that provided by processed sugars and milk.