Op-ed: Clean Power For Environment And Economy

Reno City Council voted last week for clean power plan, which is entitled to help migrate the country from dirty coal to a renewable and cleaner energy. This election has made Op-ed become an important entity in the country in pledging support for more decent power plan, joining numerous private sector companies. Many voices have come together to press our society and utilities towards clean energy through Clean Power Plan. A healthy, new diverse, sustainable growing economy is upon every one of us providing an opportunity for all in the county. The company has made a great deal of progress in building a clean energy economy. The company leading the transitional way are keeping the pressure on Op-ed’s elected officials and utilities.

This moment is the time for clean energy and not in the future. This forms the moment to ask the Op-ed’s elected officials to ask for actual leadership that is more than just compliance. This company will make the county lead in a real clean energy in this 21st century and help create a stronger and healthy economy. Our officials should now rational, long-term and logical thinking. The clean energy topic is political. In this county’s case, it is about the reality of the rusty poor quality air we breathe, the increased forest fires and drought. It is about the immutable truth of our region’s contribution to the hemisphere and climate.

Andy Wirth, was born on 25th July 1953, is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and the Alpine Meadows. Andy has worked in the hotel industry and mountain resort for 25years. He commenced his career with Steamboat spring resorts in 2007. He has also served in marketing and leadership positions at the Steamboat Resort & Ski incorporation. In 2007, he was appointed executive vice president and CEO of Intrawest. He then left Steamboat to work as CEO of Squaw Valley.

Andy was born in Neubrucke, West Germany in July 1963. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Colorado State University as well as the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After campus, Andy began working as an intern in Steamboat Ski in 1986. He worked for that company for more than 20 years in numerous marketing positions for ownerships involved in Ski resort and within Steamboat. He later got a promotion into Intrawest and was named its chief marketing officer and sales executive vice president.

Source: The Reno-Gazette Journal