Meet the Man Who To Stop Senseless Cat Euthanasia With His Charity and CrowdRise

More than 1.2 million cats are euthanized each year and 80 percent of those cats are healthy. That statistic is an estimate because the actual figures are hard to determine. Some animal activists say that number is much higher. Cats aren’t like dogs in the sense that they get the attention dogs get from a large number of people. Cat lovers understand the nature of felines and that is an innate characteristic. Dog lovers have an innate sense about canines too, but there are also a number of people that acquire a love for dogs. Acquiring a love for cats is not as easy, says Jon in his longer blog post at Jon Urbana’s Official Blog.

There is a lot of cat abuse that is never reported. Some people will abandon and cat and think the animal will survive on its own. Cats adapt rather easily, but just like any other animal they need support, food and shelter to live. Cats are separated into three different populations. The first population is personal pets, the second, is the cats that are being cared for in shelters and the third is the cat that live in communities. Community cats are strays or abandoned as well as feral cats. More than 30 to 40 million cats are taken care of by caring individuals in communities.

Jon Urbana, the Villanova educated lacrosse star, wants to do something about the treatment of abandoned and stray cats. Jon’s charity is the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, and it is located in his hometown of Denver. Jon’s Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a no-kill shelter that provides a safe place for cats. Using his Twitter handle, Jon Urbana set up a CrowdRise fund to increase abandon cat awareness and to help reduce the number of cats that are senselessly killed every year. A longer statement on his website (also saved and shared at SlideShare) describes his motivation and inspiration behind the campaign, as does this video shared to his Vimeo account:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

At first glance, Urbana doesn’t seem like a guy that would care much for cats. He was a star athlete at Denver East High School and he went on to become a top Lacrosse player for Villanova. He returned to Denver with a degree in economics and lots of job offers.

But Urbana didn’t want business to get in the way of his love for cats. He made cat protection his number one priority and his charity and CrowdRise fund is making a difference with these videos. And judging by the early response at Yahoo Answers, people are loving them.