Labs Look to Tropical Trees Containing Anti-Cancer Properties

We often bypass the marketed hype on the latest miracle cures, but when digging a bit deeper the findings surprise you.

Researchers are calling Graviola one of the most powerful plants on the planet, and research by the National Cancer Institute, and Purdue University, among many others are impressed by its anticancer properties.

Graviola is a small tree vertical tree that grows 5-6 meters tall with large, dark green, glossy leaves. It is native to the tropical forests of Peru and Brazil. The fruit is also sold in local markets in the tropics.

US labs have been performing test on Graviola for decades. Several studies have shown Graviola to have exceptional benefits for the treatment of certain types of cancers, especially those located in the lung, pancreas and prostate.

Purdue University in Indiana began testing Graviola in the 1990’s, for the treatment of tumors. The University has conducted research on the inhibitory action and derivatives in cancer cells, and has filed more than four patents in the United States that use acetogenic components on cancer cells.

Acetogenins are powerful inhibitors and chemotherapeutic reports Handy on this website. Labs have found that acetogenins have 10,000 times the power of chemotherapy agents, and they inhibit cancer cells without any hazardous effects or potential risk to healthy cells.

Research is on-going but thus far, the leaves and stem of Graviola are demonstrating active action against cancer cells without affecting the body.

Fight Off Cancer With a 5 Day Diet

Fasting has always been part of fad diets, which doctors discourage because fasting for long periods of time can damage your organs. However, they’ve since come up with a 5 day diet that is not only safe, but also reduces your cancer risk.

The 5 day diet they’ve come up with is safe to do on a monthly basis. In their test group, it was found that on the diet, their patients minimized their risk for a number of things, including cancer, aging, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Although they only had 19 test subjects, the researchers want to get FDA approval so it can be a diet physicians can prescribe to their patients.

The concept behind the diet is that it gets rid of old cells and promotes the growth of new cells, which is rebooting your system in a sense. As suggests, the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” lets you eat normally for 25 days of the month, then on the last 5 days, you eat a smaller amount of calories, with them spread out between categories like protein and fat.

This diet is especially effective because you don’t have to starve your body of its nutrients. Instead, you still have nourishment on those 5 days on the diet.

Tumors are Reduced by Increased Blood Flow and Exercise

New findings have revealed that exercise directly impacts the size and spread of cancerous tumors within a patient. Patients that are diagnosed with these tumors are advised that frequent exercise and activity will have an impact on their recovery. However, many people find themselves slipping into stagnation and weakness as Chemotherapy takes it’s toll on the body. Not only that, but learning that you have cancer within your body takes a toll on your overall mood and spirit.

But there is good news in the center of this whole mix; researchers have now found a directly correlation with exercise and the spreading of tumors. Brad Behnke, an Exercise Physiologist at Kansas State University, found that lab rats experienced a significant decrease in the spreading of tumors in their body. Rats have a musculature that acts almost identical to humans – blood is sent to the active muscle. Behnke found that the lab rats performing frequent exercise actually slowed down the growth of tumors within their body.

In conjunction with the decrease of tumor spread, the increased Oxygen flow into the individual’s body helps medication operate more efficiently. Oxygen is directly in control of blood flow and regulation within a person’s body. When we increase the blood flow, we also increase the chance that the radiation treatments will produce the desired outcome. Healthy people like Sam Tabar agree that one should always consult with your Doctor before performing these cardiovascular exercises on one’s own.