Eric Lefkofsky’s Partnership with University of Chicago; Towards Effective Breast Cancer Therapies

Located in the heart of Chicago, Tempus is a medical startup that is going to revolutionize the way we treat cancer. The company focuses on disseminating crucial genetic and molecular sequencing information to doctors to help them come up with more efficient remedies for their patients. Despite the fact that millions of patients have battled breast cancer, there is insufficient information on how the patients responded to different therapies and results of their genetic makeup.

Tempus was founded by the astute entrepreneur, Eric Lefkosfsky. Eric built the company under the premise that the field of oncology requires data as much as it needs active drugs. For the fight against cancer to be won, scientists and medical professionals have to leverage the power of technology and information.

Personalized medical care happens to very few individuals. There is compelling evidence that this is the right approach in developing remedies for diseases such as cancer. Personalized therapies rely on medical data from patients. Currently, the public health care datasets of cancer patients stand at a paltry 20,000 patients against a likely 50 million individuals who’ve fought cancer. That is why Mr Eric Lefkofsky is a man on a mission. Eric has forged a working relationship with the University of Chicago, where he shall be sharing molecular sequences’ information of breast cancer patients with the doctors of the institution.

The molecular, therapeutic and genetic information to be availed to the University of Chicago shall be obtained from 1,000 cancer patients. The information will then be used by the medical professionals in designing more targeting cancer therapies.

Eric Lefkofsky is a man of means. He is worth a cumulative $1.81 billion according to Forbes. Eric’s wealth is a result of his successful startups such as Groupon; a daily deals website started in the year 2008. Lefkofsky also founded Uptake, a data company that focuses on providing businesses with scientific data on how they can run operations more efficiently and how they can ensure safety. The company’s value rose to $2 billion since the year 2014 when it successfully raised $120 million in funding. Together with his longtime business partner Keywell, Lefkofsky is also the man behind Lightbank.

Lefkofsky earned a law degree from the University of Michigan. He was brought up in the neighborhood of Detroit.