End Citizens United And The Fight For And Against Freedom Of Association

The defense of the freedom of speech is burning to yield the most fantastic results today. The defense of this human right of expression gets integrated into the constitution for a reason. It wants to fan out the assaults from establishments who want to diminish expression as an element of citizenship.

According to the report from The Hill, this freedom of speech defense gets more pronounced and controversial in the administration of Trump, where the Congress is trying to stop people and groups from donating into establishments that may affect the turnout of the elections.

However, the situation today is that people are not voting anymore. There’s an alarming disintegrating dwindle of voter registrations today, and with this, Congress is lifting several barriers that cause state parties to discourage voters.

There’s a great clamor for reforms in the Congress, but right now one thing is for sure: Congress is encouraging previous parties that are not allowed in political debates to now have a say. This new change is something that groups like End Citizens United wants to monitor because this change can mean that businesspeople with a lot of money can dictate the turnout of the elections.

About End Citizens United
End Citizens United (ECU) is one of the more liberal advocacies today that will spend millions to fight the finance restrictions that get made once Congress lifts the barriers for large monetary donations.

In the article from USA Today, there is now a projected $35 million donated funds that will come at the end of the quarter for End Citizens United. However, the $4 million donations they have right now will already go a long way to push the dream they command.

From following the experience of their grassroots volunteers, End Citizens United is optimistic that they can take big dark money out of the electoral process that dictates how the policies get operated in the country today.

The End Citizens United force can also be a threat to the Republicans right now who see a destabilizing factor in their tenure from ECU. This threat will then force most Republicans to compromise and dial down in their donations to meet the demands of groups like End Citizens United.

The goal of End Citizens United is not to deter freedom of speech. It’s not to stop people from expressing what they want for the election process. ECU’s goal is to weed out the dark and dirty elements which may pollute the electoral process, destabilize the system and cause unforeseen harms that escalate across different states with bad election results.

There are challenges that ECU faces as many groups saying that the freedom of association gets threatened with ECU’s advocacy. However, ECU stands still in making sure that the definition of terms will be clear to the many. One of the words they want to define is the difference between getting rid of dark money out of elections and freedom of expression.

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