Jorge Moll, the Brazillian Doctor.

Jorge Moll has turned to become one of Brazil’s inspiring individual after making good use of his talent as a doctor. He founded the D’Or Hospital Network that has grown to becoming the biggest private hospital in the country with many branches. He is ranked the 13th richest man in Brazil. Jorge is a qualified cardiologist who is involved in serious business.

Having been in medicine for a long time now and understanding the field well in Brazil, Jorge Moll has been writing articles that help the population get the best in healthcare. He would like to see the integration of technology in medicine so that quality of healthcare grows and open new fields that have not been discovered.

Use of technology needs to be a routine thing that will enable adaptability by the patients and that is why Dr. Albert Chan of Sutter Health, America was in Brazil promoting use of technology in medicine. With lectures in campuses, he has been talking about implementing the research conclusions on technology in the real world. A good example is the use of Google glasses.

In this case, Jorge Moll suggests that in future, hospitals in Brazil with all stakeholders will use a common network that will be rapidly changing due to innovation ( The partnership will be paramount and it will help in the progress of the medical sector.

Jorge’s 32 hospitals started as an examination institution to what it is today. He used to set complementary tests and he started it when he saw that there was a gap of complementing doctors in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro has always been the center of medicine in Brazil from 1970 but with time, the services became low in quality. The special identity of the public institutions shed off and Jorge built his empire with the aim of revitalizing medicine in Rio. He formed many hospitals on different sides of the city so that people could easily get superior health services. In a few years, the clinics did well in business saving lives while at the same time making him one of the richest men in Brazil.