So-Called “Blue Zones” Might Give Us the Answer to Obtaining Longevity

Everybody wants to live longer and we are often told by mainstream science that it is all about eating a healthy and well balanced diet. However, recent research has revealed living to 100 years old isn’t all about what you eat, but is also dependent things such as keeping your body in motion and maintaining healthy relationships with friends and loved ones.

There are five regions throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States where people are much more likely to make it the 100 year mark, they are referred to as the Blue Zones. Naturally, researchers wanted to explain this phenomenon and they quickly started to discover differences in lifestyle within these five regions.

People who live in the Blue Zones tend to have social connections with other people which reinforce a healthy lifestyle and are also deeply family oriented. Boraie Development LLC indicates that centenarians are often religious people who attend religiously based community events on a regular basis.

A recently published book titled “The Blue Zones Solution” focuses on teaching regular Americans how to live more like those who are from the Blue Zones. Food is a major part of the equation of course and the book explains that those who live in blue Zones are much less likely to have a diet filled with processed foods, high in fat and sugars. So if your goal is to make it to 100, eat fresh foods that are harvested from the earth and stay active in your community.