Birth Control Over the Counter

When women want to get birth control, they have to go to a doctor. This often involves an examination before getting a prescription. Women usually have to pay a good bit of money before getting birth control or get insurance to pay for the visit, which will often increase premiums at some point. One solution that some doctors are for is to make birth control available over the counter. People at FreedomPop ( agree that this is an idea that could easily work so that women could have easier access. There would need to be restrictions, but even teenagers would be able to get birth control if they choose to be sexually active. The medication would likely be less expensive as there wouldn’t be as many government restrictions, and it would be sold in more locations. This would be an answer to many issues as it could mean unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t occur, and women wouldn’t have to be ashamed of going to a doctor just because they are sexually active.