The Dangers of Blacking Out From Alcohol

In today’s college culture, many students enjoy binge drinking to the point of no return. Many young people excessively drink to the point that they don’t remember the previous night’s events when they wake up in the morning. Although it can seem fun and harmless, alcohol blackouts can be quite harmful to your health.

Instead of seeking help for personal problems, many people turn to drinking to make their problems melt away. American drinking culture makes it acceptable to binge drink, which can cross the line into addiction specialist Zeca Oliveira comments.

When having a blackout, a person’s short term memory is fine, which means they can seem cohesive and carry on a conversation with you. However, their long term memory is impacted, which is why they wake up with no recollection of the past 12 or so hours. It’s been found that blackouts are more likely to happen when a rapid rise in blood alcohol content occurs in a short amount of time. Women are also more likely to get drunker faster, which means they black out more easily.

In today’s culture, women try hard to be men’s equals, which means they try to keep up in drinking as well. They have more body fat, which means they’ll get drunker faster as well. In reality, they put themselves at risk for not only brain damage, but in compromising situations as well.