Should You Use Wen Conditioner?

Wen shampoos and conditioners have gotten a lot of positive attention on Twitter and social media overall, and several celebrities have even endorsed the brand on QVC infomercials. The hair care line, created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, is made from preservative-free ingredients and plant extracts to make the hair soft and healthy.

If you’re considering giving WEN a try, check out this review by Emily McClure from Bustle to decide if Wen is right for you.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from Wen for 7 days. On the first day of the experiment, McClure noticed that the Fig conditioner from Wen she was using had a pleasant scent and a thick consistency. She shared that even though she had to use a considerable amount of the product when she washed her hair, but said that her hair felt softer and fuller almost immediately.

After a few days, McClure curled her hair after washing and drying her hair. She noticed that because the Wen conditioner made her hair heavier, her curls fell faster than normal but her hair still looked healthy. Near the end of the week, McClure’s friends even noticed that her hair had a healthy shine to it.

McClure says that she’d recommend Wen to women with thin hair and women who wash their hair daily.

To order Wen, simply visit the website or the official Chaz Dean store,


Six Great Exfoliants; One Iconic Beauty Blogger

Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, is an online icon delivering cutting-edge beauty products in a fun, relatable manner. Culturally Asian, the blogger was raised in Australia, but delivers beauty techniques in a way that multiple cultures can identify with. The natural beauty enjoys educating her followers on the newest products and trends, but also greatly enjoys promoting a healthy lifestyle for all who view.

Wengie is an animal enthusiast as well as a beauty guru. Regularly enjoying binge-watching TV and snacking, she also makes sure to balance her fun with practicality by living a natural, clean lifestyle equipped with healthy habits. Though she votes in favor of the accessories of outfits, Wengie truly enjoys every aspect of the makeup and fashion industries. From head to toe, the blogger enjoys describing the products she is obsessed with, and facial exfoliants are no exception.

In a video, the blogger discussed the top six exfoliants that work wonders on every skin type. Regularly using the words, “I’m obsessed with,” Wengie translated the best mechanisms to apply these products, how often to use them, and provided some real life examples in favor of the products.

1. Manual Scrubs: Micro-bead based, one to three times a week.
2. Chemical Exfoliants: AHA’s and BHA’s work to clean out each pore.
3. Aqua Peeling Gels: Wengie is obsessed, and enjoys peeling away her dead skin with these regularly.
4. Peeling Gels: Popular in Asia, Wengie remembered how often her mother used these, and how mom’s skin outshines her own.
5. Face Towels: As the camera focused in and creepy music played in the background, Wengie described how the fibers of the cloth work as an exfoliant.
6. Konjac Sponge: A vegetable turned sponge, the blogger loves these cleansing tools.

Providing demonstrations on each item allowed viewers to form an opinion as to which products would work best for them. Wengie, just as you are obsessed with these exfoliants, the public is truly obsessed with your blog, and anxiously await for more news!


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Achieving Fame Through YouTube

If anyone says that one can’t become famous through YouTube, then he really doesn’t understand the power that such a medium could have. Millions of people at the very least watch YouTube everyday. Television and other forms of media are quickly losing their power. One of the reasons that YouTube is turning out to be more powerful and popular than other forms of media is that the social media platform allows people to watch what they want to watch when they want to watch. There is also more freedom when it comes to what one could uploaded. For this reason, people are discovering and finding fame on YouTube.

Among the people that are becoming famous on YouTube is a YouTube personality named Wengie. She runs a blog that deals with beauty. she is someone that many people look to as an example of beauty. One of the reasons that people look to her for beauty is that she has an open mind. She doesn’t fall into the narrow minded way of thinking that suggests that only a certain look could be beautiful. She sees inspiration of beauty from anyone.

One thing that Wengie encourages is that people go a little bit outside of the rules in order to find what works for them. Often times, the idea of beauty grows and changes from time to time due to the willingness of someone to be daring and to break the rules of beauty and recreate them. If there is one thing that Wengie and history has shown, it is that beauty is a fluid concept. People will find various things attractive. It is important for people to find their own beauty.

Wengie is an example of someone who works very hard to achieve fame. She didn’t achieve fame overnight. She had to work hard at marketing her site in order to get the subscribers and the views that she needs in order to bring in the profits that she could earn. She is also gaining the attention of reporters that always report on alternative methods that people use in order to bring in the profits.