An Overview of Spine Treatment by North American Spine

There are 1.2 million open back spine surgeries performed every year in the United States. Over 40% of the operations fail and cause spine related disabilities. It makes open back spine surgery syndrome the number one leading cause of disability more than cancer. The North American provide different back spine procedure to save people from the back spine injury. Its facilities have state of the art surgery equipment to offers treatment to back spine injury patients.

The North American has a unique method to perform successful back spine treatment. The method known as Acura scope procedure allows the access to the back spine through a natural opening in the back spine. The endoscopic camera can see through the end of the spine. The device also used has a laser that removes several impeachments the create pain into the patient. North American Spine reviews prove that the company has successfully treated several back spine injury patients. This procedure is an outstanding treatment technique that makes the North America Spine company unique.

The AccuraScope procedure provides minimal invasive decompression procedures to the patient. The company also uses Curraspine procedure in treating its patients. The method provides stabilization to the patients with spine instability. Traditional back spine treatment methods were more invasive with many complications hence taking the patient longer recovery time. At the North American Spine, the new treatment methods have proven highly effective, and they are less invasive and take patients short recovery time. The Acura scope procedure has more than 82% success rate and also very affordable. The method saves the patients more than $20000 as compared to standard traditional processes. The process takes approximately less than 45 minutes during treatment. This treatment ultimately treats chronic back pains.

The company has made its top priority in offering extreme continuum care. Several patients treated at the facility had lost hope of resuming a normal life after having a back spine injury. Through its advanced spine treatment procedures .many patients that were deemed historically not suitable to receive treatment have benefited it the company state of the art facilities. The company has more than 40 minimally invasive procedures for back -spine treatment. This procedure is good news for back or neck pain sufferers. Its physicians are spine experts highly train in spine surgery, neurosurgery and pain management. The company operates throughout the year. Its headquarters are in Dallas. The board has certified spine surgeon in its highly qualified and professional team. The company has new minimally invasive procedures that have proven to be more efficient in back -spine treatment.