Yeonmi Park Tells The World About Her Life In North Korea

The nation of North Korea has been ruled by a small group of people for the last few decades. During this time, many North Koreans have suffered as a result. Those ruling the nation have done very little to help many people living there. In many instances, growing up in North Korea means growing up in a nation where every single movement that someone makes is controlled by others. A native of North Korea will often be told where they must live, where their kids have to attend schools, what they are allowed to wear and where the can go during the day. Any deviation from such rules can easily result in tremendous penalties up to and including imprisonment in one of the nation’s many terrible camps where both ordinary prisoners and political prisoners are held by the state.

Information about this nation has been hard to come by in recent decades. However, some very brave people have taken the chance to escape and had the courage to tell the world about the kind of conditions that exist in this nation. Yeonmi Park. Park grew up and found the courage to leave with her mother. She is one of the very few North Koreans to be able to escape this dreadful nation and tell the world what it is like to live here. Her story has been head by many people around the world who are interested in finding out what life is like in one of the world’s most repressive societies where communism remains in force as a ruling ideology.

Yeonmi Park is one of a very few North Koreans who have been able to leave this part of the world. In doing so, she like a few others, risked almost unbelievable hardship and a journey that involved many steps. Her escape was stuff of spy stories. She and her mother had to spent many months carefully thinking about how to leave this nation without attracting the attention of the authorities. As citizens are forced to spy on each other, this can make it very hard to make such plans. She and her mother had to be as secretive as possible when they were considering how to leave this place. They spent hours very quietly plotting to leave after her father was sent to a prison camp for smuggling.

Her journey involved an arduous trip across both the Yalu River and through into China where they were abused by others along the way. This is common as people across the nation here know that if they manage to get into China, they may be greeted with open arms by the Chinese government or the Chinese people. Leaving North Korea thus involves a series of very dangerous moves that are hard to pull off. By some miracle, Park was able to leave this nation and has now made her ultimate way to United States. She has been hailed as a very brave person for daring to tell her very moving story.