Atlantic City NJ Here We Come


Atlantic City NJ with its Miss America Beauty pageant and resort like lifestyle has begun to make a comeback during the Great Recovery. American seems to have trended to remodeling, renovating, and renewing some old time favorite hangouts with extensive American history. It’s not just nostalgia folks. The places and the building are being updated with technology and modern architecture in strategic places. Think of it as a marriage of something old and something new to create something incredible fun and relaxing. 

From Chaos to Prosperity

Two hurricanes and the Great Recession sent New Jersey reeling. Instead of whining about it, business people got to work wining and dining prospects. As they picked up the storm debris they found New Jersey had a lot offer Millennials and Mosaics. Rates are near record lows BUT the government made a deal with Freddie and Fanny for low down payments. New Jersey may be the only state with low down payments which has been a problem. In steps smart phone and web technology. Locals know the properties and possibilities but a marketing campaign caught the attention of new buyers. Now the phones ring and sing and business is beginning to ching. 

Boraie Development

Here is what I am talkin’ about. Omar Boraie has been creating apartment and high rise town homes in New Jersey cities successfully for a while now. He puts a small town with plenty of residents, cafes, and amenities in a small area in the framework of a larger town. For Atlantic City which has now begun major redevelopment a long planned 250 unit apartment complex. The overall plan development comes as a mix of complimentary residential development with business development with an alliance of entities working to make a substantial piece of real estate. Boraie Development LLC is on the cutting edge of creating another living space that satisfies the needs of urban professionals while boosting a cities economy. 

If you are looking to invest, Atlantic City NJ may be the opportunity needed to make money and a future.