How Avaaz Plans to Change the World for the Better

Avaaz was formed in 2007 to organize people for a better world. Avaaz means “voice” in various languages, and the organization has become one of the most powerful internet-based activist networks. They touch on many different issues such as poverty, social change, environmental problems, and civil rights.

A community of professionals came together to found Avaaz, but the President and Executive Director is Ricken Patel. He studied PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics) at Oxford University, and he holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard. Patel once volunteered for, and he learned much about how to use online tools for public activism there.


Avaaz’ Global Campaigns and Selection Process

A campaign team working out of more than 30 countries sees after the global campaigns at Avaaz. Campaign managers communicate via email, and they use online tactics such as mass emailing, videos, and public petitions. Avaaz has also used paid-for advertisements, and the organization often looks to legal professionals for campaign strategizing and read full article.

The suggestions for campaigns come from Avaaz members, and a team of campaign specialists then analyzes these suggestions. The organization has sponsored many interesting events to publicize various campaigns. For example, Avaaz organized a three-mile hug from the Dalai Lama out to the London Chinese Embassy, and it also sent cardboard pigs to the World Health Organization to demand swine flu studies and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.


The Core Philosophy

Ricken Patel believes that Avaaz exists to unite practical idealists around the world, and the central mission is to close the void between the current world and a better future world. The team there looks closely at climate change, companies like Monsanto, and global support for refugees. Patel believes that it’s difficult to unite idealists, and that is why the organization tries to embrace differing ideas and what Avaaz knows.

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