Healthy Eating fit for an Athlete


When it comes to eating healthy, who has the time? We all want to have a healthy diet, but it just takes too much time to shop, prepare and then cook it. It is so much easier to go to the drive-thru fast food restaurant on the way home from work to grab something fast before heading off to bed after a hard day at the office. But fast food isn’t healthy at all, especially if you are an athlete. An athlete requires vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. So how do you balance lack of time with the need for a healthy diet?


One way to ensure you are eating healthy meals that are pre-made it the Nutrisystem for men way. Nutrisystem has been around for over 40 years, planning and preparing meal plans for men and women, vegetarian’s as well as special diabetic diets. The meals provided by Nutrisystem for men are pre-made, no need to count calories, they are already organized in a meal portion with the correct number of calories. They provide you breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, delivered right to your doorstep.


Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service that is athletic approved. They cater to the “Zone-friendly” diets, by featuring minimal ingredient diets such as dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Ice Age meals are delivered “frozen solid” to ensure a longer shelf life.


Next athlete approved meal service is “Trifecta Nutrition.” Trifecta’s meal plans always go the distance with several categories of meals: paleo, clean eating (minimal processed foods, whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein), also a vegetarian and vegan diet plan.


For those athletes who opt for variety of Paleo meals, there is the Paleo Power Meals. Paleo Power takes it’s meat seriously by providing cage-free eggs, wild-caught fish, antibiotic-free chicken, and grass-fed beef is all that makes up the main course of their meals. As an added bonus, these on-the-go meals come in their own tupperware containers.


One more Paleo meal is the “Pete’s Paleo” which offers paleo meals with extra special ingredients (whatever is being harvested that week from their farmers).


So when it comes to eating on the go, there are many choices you have that can still ensure you are eating as healthy as an athlete does. Next time you head for the fast food drive-thru, think about your computer and order some of the ready made, healthy meals that are available there. Your heart, and waist line will thank you for it.

The Importance of Proper Haircare

If there is one feature about the human body that gets people excited it’s possessing a head full of lustrous hair. Hair defines who we are to a certain degree and it is one of those things that makes us more easy on the eyes. Did you know that many people don’t take good enough care for their hair? The very things you do for maintenance purposes such as using dyes/perms, overwashing, and the use of shampoo is doing more harm than good. Dyes/Perms are full of strong chemicals that can straighten the hair as well as color it. Washing your hair more than three times per week is stripping the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture and a shampoo’s lather is basically a chemical reaction thanks to it’s parabens and sulfates.

The best thing to do is to cut back on the usage of these products, not use them at all, or start using a more gentle product that’s from an organic source. Have you ever heard of Wen by Chaz? WEN by Chaz has become the premier haircare product line of the 21st Century thanks to it’s nourishing effects. These products come in the form of pomade, sprays, mousse, gel, and crème. Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, these exclusive products are safe to use on a regular basis, lack dangerous contaminants, and have the finest of ingredients.

According to, as of today, Wen has sold well over 40 Million bottles of these revolutionary formulas that span across 16 years. When it comes to giving an individual picture perfect haircare at an affordable price, few can outperform this exotic label. WEN by Chaz has taken the industry by storm and will continue it’s passion into the future.

More details about the WEN company available on

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Shimmer Spheres and Active Protection Spheres from EOS

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are known on Facebook for their trendy and tasty colors. Their shimmer lip balms give your lips that smooth feel and shimmery look. The black stylish orbs come in two colors sheer pink and pearl to give you that extra bit of stylish color. Sheer Pink gives you a hint of color while it smooths out your lips for a sexy, soft feel. Sheer Pearl gives you less color but the same shiny, smooth look and feel. These balms condition with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin e. This EOS line is Gluten, Paraben, and Petrolatum free. These delicious and shiny lip balms are available at Walgreens, GNC, and other fine retailers. Flavors and products may vary according to retailer.

Active protection EOS lip balm smooth spheres are also available and they offer a little extra. These balms have SPF 15 in them to keep lips safe from the sun. They are available in yellow lemon or pink fresh grapefruit to keep your lips soft and protected from the sun. They offer 80 minutes of water protection and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Active protection EOS Smooth Spheres offer lips that wonderfully conditioned and sun protected feel. Available at Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, GNC, and other fine retailers.

For more info, visit the Evolution of Smooth website.

What Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a highly successful brand known for their work in taking ideas and bringing them to life. One of the newest trends that has taken over the world of makeup that Doe Deere from Lime Crime is very much aware of is the odd Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. This lip challenge put women and even men to the test to take anything they could find to suck the blood out of their lips to get that full lip presence. The hardest part about this challenge is that it isn’t entirely safe on the lips, and it definitely can be hard on the lips if they naturally don’t feel that great.

The Official Lip Kit created by Kylie herself was created to help give women the chance to get fuller lips using a simple tool that get the blood flowing towards the lips. Not only does it work effectively, but it can help get that perfect fluff in the lips. It just isn’t always all that healthy to use it that often.

Lime Crime is definitely one of the best companies in the world today known for their new ways on revolutionizing what they can do. The best thing that they offer is the ability to improve the size of your lips so easily.  The Facebook followers say Lime Crime is extremely powerful and can give you exactly what you are looking for. They have some unique looking quality lipsticks that can help improve the size of your lips naturally and quickly. It’s a unique little thing worth using to get those perfect looking lips.

Lime Crime is known for being a reliable brand. Their products are very unique and can give you the color you are looking for, and are available everywhere through Amazon. This is a very well respected brand that can give you everything that you need to succeed. Lime Crime is quite unique simply because of the fact that they take their color and design a step above of what they can offer you. Lime Crime is very well respected because they can give you a new set of products that release every year to get more color.  The blog is perfect if you’re interested in brand news, otherwise Doe Deere runs the official Lime Crime twitter which has even more information.

Coconut Oil and Your Older Dogs Diet

Coconut oil is one of the miracle ingredients that is appearing in older dog diets such as the one in Purina’s Bright Minds diet of Beneful. The coconut oil helps the dogs metabolism and helps the dog to have more energy. An older dog typically wants to lay around a lot and be stationary. Yes, he will go for walks when you take him but he may be less likely to want to run and play. Senior pups on are a lot happier and move around better when they are eating a diet that is right for their body. why not give your pet the senior food he or she deserves. Beneful on twitter and Purina Bright minds are ready to help the dog to become happier and move around better.

Blue Buffalo is working to give your dogs a better diet by giving them foods that are full of ingredients like their ancestors use to eat. Lamb and chicken, fruits and vegetables are what makes these meals great. According to the article in Daily Herald, Premium foods are expecting to have large sales in the next year. Beneful by Purina is also working to create the best taste and healthy diet that they can for your dog to enjoy. Milo’s Kitchen and Big Heart foods are coming together to provide things such as duck and beef and they do not include any food color or fake stuff.

A lot of the new innovative foods from Beneful and creations are going to be readily available soon in grocery stores around. Some will be in their own refrigeration units and these are promising to be very popular. Several of the smaller pet companies are merging to become powerhouses in the pet food industry. With all of the good ingredients, these companies will come close to billions in profits in the coming years. 

Beneful by Purina is one of the companies that is sticking by the product and continuing to give customers what they ask for in flavor and variety. The best thing is they are making sure they test taste these foods for flavor and quality before offering them to you.

Top Coffee Companies on the Market

Coffee remains a widely popular beverage today. People love the way that coffee smells when freshly brewed. They also love how coffee can help them perk up when they first get up in the morning or serve as a pick me up during the afternoon slump. The right kind of coffee can also help compliment nearly any food people consume from a slab of thick, dark chocolate to a pleasantly well made panini sandwich. Many companies have rushed to do their best to help their customers fully enjoy this marvelous beverage and have the chance to enjoy it all times.

One retailer who fully knows that his customers expect the very best possible coffee they can find is skilled businessman Bernardo Chua who has been a part of the coffee industry for some time now. In fact CrunchBase goes into detail about how Chua has a long history in this business where he has learned a great deal about the kind of coffee that he likes and the kind of coffee that his customers are also likely to enjoy. Under his supervision, he has been able to start one of the world’s most useful coffee companies, one with a huge list of happy fans. His work has focused a great deal of attention on ways he can please his fans and help them to discover the many kinds of coffee they can enjoy when working with his company.

Organo Gold, Chua’s company, offers the sophisticated coffee drinker the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee made from the finest possible ingredients with a whole host of products. His company offers coffee that is also incorporates the use of an ancient Chinese herb that has been repeatedly shown to have many important health benefits for those who are using it. As a result of his attention to detail, his company has continued to enjoy a loyal base of devoted fans who are pleased to have the chance to be able to access his products and sample coffee they know will not only taste good but also allow them to enjoy a longer and healthier life at the same time.  Follow Bernie on Twitter for continued updates.

Those in search of the best possible coffee on the market will also find much to pick from as many new companies have been able to help them get what they need from the world of coffee. Each day, new companies enter the market selling coffee with the understanding that doing so allows them to provide customers with the best possible coffee they can find as they look for new and exciting flavors of coffee to tempt their taste buds. People everywhere are happy to work with such companies as they seek to find the right kind of coffee for their needs and their specific wants. They know they will be able to find it from many retailers.

Assisted Living Facilities Provide Balance

The concept of the assisted living facility is one that is very important for a lot of people. Anyone that has a loved one that is in their senior years will often require this type of environment. Many adult children may not even live in the same areas that their parents live in. They may have a desire to make sure that their parents are taken care of, but they may not be able to physically take care of their parents of their own. That is why the assisted living facility is so attractive to many people.

The Manse on Marsh is one of the more attractive sites for people to bring their parents because it offers things like chauffeured rides for seniors and a lot of great programs that the residents can participate in. Reviews say that the Manse of Marsh gives seniors the ability to meet new friends and truly enjoy their latter years. There are a lot of testimonials on the website from residents that are thrilled about living in this facility.

The Manse on Marsh also has a really great staff. This is another thing that attracts a lot of visitors to the area. It has become known for the friendly environment and the coordinators that arrange ice cream socials and others things like yoga classes. It has a group of special people that are concerned about the daily well-being of the residents. This can make a big difference when it comes to picking out a facility. This is an award winning facility, and the staff has played a big part in awards like the “Best Retirement Community.”

Assisted living is ideal for people that still want some level of independence. They may not be at the point where they need a full on nursing home staff, but they may not be completely comfortable living alone. With places like the Manse on Marsh they get the best of both worlds in that beautiful Southern California climate. They have the freedom to live in their own apartments in this facility with a greater level of privacy, but they also have assistance when they need it. This is something that is needed for seniors as they age. They don’t want to be rendered completely helpless, but they also do not want to be left completely alone. The assisted living facility provides that great balance and a greater peace of mind for those adults that are trying to take care of their parents from afar.

Most people that become residents of assisted living facilities may dread this new environment at first, but they can become quite comfortable with the area once they settle in. People that engage in the activities offered by the facility can really enjoy themselves.

Fun And Fashionable Cosmetics From Lime Crime

Cosmetics can be a great way to have fun with one’s look. Using a certain shade of lipstick can help someone show off their fun side or demonstrate that they are professional and ready to show up to work at a meeting with an understated and elegant appearance. Makeup allows people to experiment with all kinds of look. Someone can put on a shade of eyeliner that makes them look more exotic and sophisticated one day. The next they can grab a shade of eyeshade that is bright purple and helps them indicate their playful side to others. Having the right kind of makeup on hand can be a great way to create a look when they want. The user can pull out a makeup kit whenever they want and use the makeup inside to change their look ten minutes later.

Many women love to have such makeup on hand as they change from one role to another. A woman may want to start the day at her job with makeup that conveys an air of sophistication and maturity. The use of the right kind of understated makeup can do just that when paired with the right kind of outfit. As the woman goes through her day, she will often want to consider the kind of look that is ideal for any evening engagements she wants to attend later in the day.

Those who want to find makeup that is fun and exciting as well as allows the user to be able to experiment with colors of all kinds will want to investigate the possibility of using cosmetics from Lime Crime. Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime offers fun and innovative makeup that many people find meets their needs for cosmetics that are elegant and yet creative at the same time. Purchasing items from Lime Crime can be an ideal way to use cosmetics that are created with the user who wants to have makeup that is available in all kinds of new and interesting colors. A splash of bright neon orange is one way to help stand out in a crowd or show off an outfit in a contrastting color.

In this way, the user of such cosmetics can demonstrate to others that she is someone who is willing to take risks and indicate her interest in fashion ideas that have not been seen before. The cosmetics here can be also be used to help someone indicate that they like to think about new ways they can use such items to help them craft a look that is thoughtful and interesting at all once. They can also work with the company to figure out the best way to create a modern look.

Caring for your dog should include Beneful nutrition

The Humane Society of the United States has recently released its ten essential tips for caring for a dog in the 21st century. These include many of the steps most pet parents feel are basics in caring for a dog, but for a new dog owner may seem like important steps they had not thought of. One of the most important aspects of owning a dog can be making sure a pet is healthy, which should include the need to visit a medical professional to keep the pet up to date with the necessary shots and care options an animal health specialist will recommend. Food is also an important area that increasing numbers of pet parents are looking to in a bid to make sure their dog is as safe and secure as possible as they grow from a puppy through their lives as a pet.

One of the best ways of making sure a pet is as healthy as possible is to provide a form of food that is safe and filled with natural ingredients in a recipe that provides the best level of nutrition possible. This can include the chance to provide the Beneful brand of dog food that has been created by Nestle Purina to provide a healthy alternative to other forms of wet and dry foods. For the majority of people the chance to provide the best food for their pet is something they will hope not to miss out on and the fact Beneful has never been the subject of a recall in over ten years of production adds an extra layer of security for most pet parents.

Other requirements the Humane Society of the United States are publicizing include making sure your dog can be identified if he or she is ever lost. There are a number of options for doing this, which can include an identification disc on the collar and inserting a microchip beneath the skin that will make it easy for the animal to be identified at all times. it is also important to make sure your pet is getting the right amount of love and attention, as well as providing the best Beneful food products this means playing and enjoying the company of other dogs and humans on a regular basis.

The Need for Dog Care

Dogs need more than just their owner’s love and enjoyment, they also need dog care. Dogs have needs just like humans and other animals. It is important for the dog to be healthy so that he or she can live a full life. In other words, if the owner takes care of his or her dog, the dog will take care of the owner. While it is said that a dog is a man’s best friend, it is important for the owner to be the dog’s best friend as well. Neglecting the dog’s needs is not a good thing to do for the dog.

Among the many things a dog owner could do in order to take care of the dog is to feed it healthy food. When buying food, it is important for the owner to pay attention to the ingredients on the package. For one thing, the owner does not want to feed the dog something that will make it sick. This will bring a lot of heartache to the family. In order to make sure that the owner is feeding the dog healthy food, it is important to take the company that manufactures the food into consideration.

One company that is very reliable when it comes to preparing high quality dog food is Beneful. Beneful is known for creating food with high quality ingredients. This results in a taste that the dog appreciates. The dog also has greater health from Beneful products. The dog will look and feel healthier. The pet will also live a lot longer than with food from other companies that provide lower quality ingredients. Beneful is also less prone to making dogs sick than other companies. The best thing about Beneful products is that they can be found in stores everywhere. It is not required to make a special trip to a distant store.

Dog care is a very important part of owning a pet. It is important to make the dog feel strong, healthy and loved. When one makes the extra effort to care for the dog, he provides the dog with the best days of its life.