Standing for the Oppressed with Thor Halvorssen

A man who refers to himself as a classical liberal and refuses to be called a conservative liberal has seen all the world of dictatorship has to offer. He has been on the forefront against human oppression and dictatorial regimes for some while. The man been referred here is Thor Halvorssen. Thor was born 40 years ago in Venezuela before fleeing to the United States of America many years later. Other than fighting for human rights and democracy, he is a film producer. He is well known for Human Rights Foundation as well as the Oslo Freedom Movement. Currently, Thor Halvorssen is based in New York, New York and is the Chairman of Human Rights Foundation.

In the year 2010, Thor Halvorssen was at the receiving end of the Vietnamese government when he was caught filming secretly in the country. He has gone to Vietnam with his cameraman to document events about a banned church movement in Hon Chi Minh City. He was detained in the country and was released after he convinced the authorities that he was a Buddhist seeker. He believes in doing more than talking about human rights. Instead, one ought to get down and gets hands dirty fighting for the rights of the people. Thor Halvorssen says he love people and humanity. What he loves more is the people who stand up for their rights and speaks out against oppression and read full article.

Thor Halvorssen was born in a royal family. His father descended from a Norwegian king while his mother was from the family of the first president of Venezuela. Things got difficult when Thor Halvorssen exposed corruption in the Venezuelan government. For this reason, his first cousin is in jail in Venezuela for opposing the government. When he exposed this corruption, his father was detained and tortured to reveal some information about him and how he had obtained the corruption documents. On the other hand, his mom was shot and killed in an anti-government protest in the country. As the leader of the Human Right Funds, Thor Halvorssen has worked with other prominent human right activists from other parts of the world such as Garry Kasparov and Vaclav Havel.

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Examining the State of Health in Xerem with State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes


On Sunday morning, State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes was in Xerém, Duque de Caxias, surveying the areas most affected by the floods this week and the main shelters that are receiving municipal population. The State Government is setting up a Dengue Hydration Center at the health center of Xerém, which has been operating since 3pm on Sunday. The center has twelve chairs for hydration and has capacity to serve 300 people a day. We are taking steps to prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. Secretary Sergio Cortes explained that this center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of garbage accumulated by the city, increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation.
In a meeting with the municipal health secretary, Camillo Junqueira, and the coordinator of the National Health Force, Conceição Mendonça, it was agreed that the state deliver another calamity kit to Caxias (the first has already been delivered), in addition to 3000 antibiotic tablets for early intervention against leptospirosis.
All measures taken by the State Department of Health, or SES,(present in the region with the epidemiological surveillance teams since last Thursday) so far are aimed at preventing the proliferation of diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water, such as leptospirosis, hepatitis A and diarrhea; By cluster of people, such as chicken pox and meningitis; and after rainfall, such as dengue.
The first batch of samples collected in seven shelters of Xerém under the surveillance of the state health department was considered unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels (Lacen). Therefore, teams are working on the daily disinfection of this water. The recommendation of the Department of Health is that all people do the same.
For this, the State Government has delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Capias. The people who are in shelters or around their homes should use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. Also, they should use hypochlorite in water tanks. Secretary Sergio Cortes warned that the shelters are making this distribution, and asked that anyone making donations to Xerém not forget to include bottled water.
The Situation Room is mounted on Xerém health post for monitoring all health actions for the region. In addition to the previously mentioned measures, the coming days will see another calamity kit being sent to the region and there will be training people working in shelters for early identification of symptoms of major diseases and rapid adoption of febrile syndrome protocol. The National Force Health will also be convened.
Sergio Cortes has completed extensive research in the healthcare field with subjects ranging from diabetes to orthopedics. He is a doctor who cares deeply about the physical health of those in his community. Find more information about him at his website

Igor Cornelsen Talks About When To Start Investing

Is the right time to invest as early as possible? Or should you wait to come close to middle age before you start saving up? Is there are impact of age on investment strategies? Do people become better investors with age or when they are young? These are some of the biggest questions running through a person’s mind when they talk about when to start investing.

Because of the confusion regarding the best time to invest, people waste most of their life waiting for the right moment. This is why Igor Cornelsen,one of the most successful Brazilian businessmen, is here to advise people on the topic –

Early Investors Save More

The earlier you start investing, the more you are saving up for your future. Igor Cornelsen believes that early investors would not only save more, they would also plan about their future in detail since they would end up having enough money to have a comfortable retirement. Ultimately, it all depends on the kind of retirement a person is hoping to have. A lot of people like investing because there is no age limit to it.

Young Investor Are Ambitious and Take Risks

Resume showcases that Igor Cornelsen has been investing for decades and he is an expert on the subject. One thing that he has noticed is that young investors tend to have a “if you take more risks, you will gain more” attitude which can lead to problems. Investing is all about analyzing a situation and acting accordingly. Often, there might be times when a low risk and safe approach would be best. However, being ambitious and taking risks can lead to great rewards for a young investor, if there is a ceiling limit to it.

Older Investors Are A Lot More Experienced

Nothing can replace good research and knowledge about investing, no matter how old the investor is. As time passes, older investors tend to equip themselves with great tricks and strategies. Then, they are comfortable enough to take a few risks and make some precious bucks. Young investors, on the other hand, might not have that knowledge base to begin with.

Investing Later Involves Hardships and Keeping Up With The Plan

If someone starts investing late and wants to have a secure retirement, they would need to save quite a lot in order to reach that goal. There would be a lot of catching up to do because investing was put off till later. In fact, many older investors have to cut back on their lifestyle to ensure that when they don’t have a salaried job, there is no dearth of money. This idea of keeping up could fuel investors to start early.

Ultimately, Igor Cornelsen says that people should know their final goals and take decisions accordingly. If someone is still hoping to work or pursue a paying hobby after retirement, there is no point in saving big early on. On the other hand, if someone dreams of a life of comfort and security with no work involved post-retirement, saving early is imperative.

North American Spine Nominated for Dallas Ethics Award

North American Spine has been cited for its mission to help others while advancing healthcare as key factors for its nomination for the 2015 Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award (GDBEA). The award honors businesses that use their core values to drive their business actions.

Businesses are also nominated because their work reflects positive and ethical values of the local Dallas business community. Companies that operate in the this manner exemplify what it means to do the right thing for their business and individuals who have a stake in its operation.

Best known for its exclusive AccuraScope® procedure, North American Spine is committed to helping patients with chronic back and neck pain by connecting them with board-certified physicians. AccuraScope® is a minimally invasive outpatient procedures that offers benefits beyond traditional spinal surgery. Advanced diagnostics such as interoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) help the procedure’s accuracy and can further promote patient outcomes.

Two published university and clinical research medical studies have confirmed that the AccuraScope® procedure has an average success rate of 82 percent for patients who have not achieved pain relief through non-surgical treatments or other spinal surgeries. Those studies, along with patient testimonials, indicate that more than 95 percent of North American Spine’s patients would recommend the company to others. The company’s success stories include country music singer and songwriter Larry Gatlin who found relief from 47 years of chronic leg pain.

Southern Methodist University’s Cary M. Maguire for Ethics and Public Responsibility and the Financial Planning Association of Dallas/Fort Worth are two of annual nominating organizations.