Creativity with a Twist, the JoséBorghiWay

In the world of advertising, it is the creativity in expressing complex ideas into a simple, understandable way that makes all the difference. This is the biggest quality of an advertising agency. That said, not many advertising experts are able to meet the high expectations such as José Henrique Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi is a well renowned, award winning creative in Brazil and the founder of the Mullen Lowe Brazil agency. His work in crafting impactful publicity campaigns such as the famous Sazon seasoning and the Parmalat’s mammals which comprised of children dressed in stuffed animals have made him a force to reckon with.

Born in PresidentePrudente,José Borghiwas a young man who could not figure out what to do with his life. However, a visit to watch a performance at the Castro NevesTheatre changed everything. He decided to pursue Advertising and Propaganda and later landed his first job at Standart Ogilvy. Hisaccomplishment in the world of advertising is something he could never have imagined.

Before his merger with Lowe & partners, José Henrique Borghi had founded BorghiErh, an ad agency that was soon bought by Lowi to become Borghi Lowe in 2006. To reach a wider international market, Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group merged to create the Mullen Lowe Brazil agency and his Youtube.

As Brazil advertising becomes more in tune with international trends and digital media, Mullen Lowe is a step ahead. It has now expanded its reach and influence to 65 countries.

This is demonstrated in them winning five new contracts at the end of the first quarter in 2017. These accounts are; Coral, Home & Video, Harley-Davidson,Hammerite and Sarlack and what Borghi knows.

An elated José Borghi while speaking about the new Mullen Lowe contracts said that”Working with new clients, in new segments and with big brands is a great opportunity for every creative” and more information click here.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Is Proud Of a Business That Connects Clients and Brands

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe is a renowned advertising professional who owns an agency. Having graduated from the PUCCamp University, Jose Borghi settled at Standard Ogilvy for his first career experience. As a talented writer who initiated multiple projects, Jose was in charge of FCB, DM9 as well as Leo Burnett. He served as the vice president of the mentioned companies. Having served the agencies for years, Jose quit Leo Burnett to establish his firm the BorghiErh Agency. He renamed the agency in 2006 after a merger with Lowe. Jose was the president of the newly formed agency.


In 2012, there was a corporate professional restructuring that led to the renaming of the agency as BORGHI/LOWE. This was followed by the creation of a group called the Mullen Lowe. Jose was the assistant chief executive officer. Currently, the agency is called Mullen Lowe Brasil and its clients include Anador, BR, Grupo 3Coracoes, Omo, Becel as well as Ala and Sun. Among the achievements of Jose was the creation of significant as well as prominent media campaigns dubbed for Honda, Rever Conceptos as well as Sazon.

In his advertisement career, Jose has won several awards in regards to numerous achievements. Among the awards he has achieved are 16 April Awards, 12 Clios Awards as well as New York Festival Awards. As a competent advertising professional, he landed an executive position as the professional agent for advertising. He was named the advertiser of the year in 2014.


Mullen Lowe is a Brazilian agency prominent for bringing together over 65 countries through advertising. To the agency, elevating other businesses is the core objective. The company focuses on highlighting the attention of clients to available brands. As a universal agency formed on the basis of cultural appreciation, Mullen Lowe Brasil focuses on creating a stellar reputation for clients.

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