Bruce Bent II Vice Chairman and President of Leading Financial Services Company

Bruce Bent II is a financial expert who currently works for a company called the Double Rock Corporation. He is the Vice Chairman and President, a role that gives him a substantial amount of responsibility and decision making capabilities. Within this company, he also oversees and provides leadership for six of Double Rock’s subsidiary companies.

The Double Rock Corporation specializes in financial services, and their subsidiary companies cover a range of industries including patents and the retirement industry. This is interesting because two of the companies that Double Rock owns have become known for being innovative in their fields, and it is in no doubt related to if not because of Bent’s leadership. Bent has a long history of executive leadership and management, and brings these skills into his work for the the Double Rock Corporation.

Bruce Bent II is an expert on cash management, and has been quoted in many finance publications including the financial section of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and also the Financial Times. He owns 60 patents, and is looked up to as an expert on entrepreneurial matters, innovative finance solutions, and US patent practice.

His influence on the financial industry have been undeniable. His entrepreneurial activities have helped to develop expanded FDIC-insured programs here in the United States. His influence extends globally as well. He has written extensively on the topic of investing and his work has been published in the World Journal and the China Press.

Bruce Bent’s career history includes owning and running “The Reserve”, a large and successful money-market institutions. This money-market offering was unique and increased Bent’s reputation as a innovative entrepreneur in the financial industry. He successfully helped The Reserve close down after the financial fall of 2008. Because the financial industry was in crisis at this time, it was imperative to close down The Reserve in a way that did not add to the hardships that many clients were already feeling. The competent way that Bent handled the closing down of The Reserve was admired by colleagues and clients alike. Bent had grown The Reserve’s assets from $4 billion to $130 billion in 17 years.

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