Beneful Dog Food Products Are The Nutrious Foods For A Healthy Dog

Purina Pet Foods goes above the requirements to assure their products meet all standards and are safe and nutritious products for pets. They constantly track and monitor the ingredients in their products to bring a fresh taste to their foods that pets will enjoy. They understand how proper feeding extends the healthy years in dogs.

Beneful is a dog food brand under the Nestle Purina Petcare name. Their products include wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Beneful came into the pet food market as a nutritious choice for pet owners to provide for their pets. The name, Beneful translates into “full of goodness” and features premium dog foods with soy as the main protein.

This pet food entered the market in 2001 with the first product resembling a stew which contained beef chucks. They later introduced Beneful Healthy Harvest which switched the main ingredient to soy. The Healthy Harvest flavors also include sweet potato, apple accents, spinach and barley.

Beneful brand director, Bill Salzman states they are breaking ground in the dry dog food market by introducing the Healthy Harvest choice with its nutritious formula. This dry dog food provides the primary protein source of soy along with wholesome grains and vegetables. Visit Beneful Facebook for more information.

Exclusively a dog food, Beneful introduced the Beneful Prepared Meals in 2006. These are resealable, multipurpose packaged containers available in fourteen different flavors. The container itself can serve as a dog food bowl.

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