420 Kidney Stones Removed from Patient in China

One kidney stone is bad enough, imagine having 420 all at the same time. Mr. He in China had that many and underwent surgery earlier this week to remove them. The operation took two hours and doctor stated that if Mr. He would had waited any longer to have the stones removed, he would have lost his kidney.
Kidney stones are a common and very painful issue many people suffer with and often caused from a diet that is high in calcium. Mr. He’s multitude of stones were attributed to his diet which is high in tofu and low in water. Soy products, like the tofu Mr. He lived on, is rich in calcium and without sufficient water intake the body can’t rid itself of the excessive calcium and kidney stones form.
The surgeon nor the man from China set any records with the removal of 420 kidney stones. Bruce Levenson knows that, while that number is mind-bobbling, it’s nowhere near the world’s record. The Guinness World Book of Records shows the record was set in 2009 when a surgeon removed 172,155 kidney stones from the one kidney of patient in India.

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