End Citizens United And The Fight For And Against Freedom Of Association

The defense of the freedom of speech is burning to yield the most fantastic results today. The defense of this human right of expression gets integrated into the constitution for a reason. It wants to fan out the assaults from establishments who want to diminish expression as an element of citizenship.

According to the report from The Hill, this freedom of speech defense gets more pronounced and controversial in the administration of Trump, where the Congress is trying to stop people and groups from donating into establishments that may affect the turnout of the elections.

However, the situation today is that people are not voting anymore. There’s an alarming disintegrating dwindle of voter registrations today, and with this, Congress is lifting several barriers that cause state parties to discourage voters.

There’s a great clamor for reforms in the Congress, but right now one thing is for sure: Congress is encouraging previous parties that are not allowed in political debates to now have a say. This new change is something that groups like End Citizens United wants to monitor because this change can mean that businesspeople with a lot of money can dictate the turnout of the elections.

About End Citizens United
End Citizens United (ECU) is one of the more liberal advocacies today that will spend millions to fight the finance restrictions that get made once Congress lifts the barriers for large monetary donations.

In the article from USA Today, there is now a projected $35 million donated funds that will come at the end of the quarter for End Citizens United. However, the $4 million donations they have right now will already go a long way to push the dream they command.

From following the experience of their grassroots volunteers, End Citizens United is optimistic that they can take big dark money out of the electoral process that dictates how the policies get operated in the country today.

The End Citizens United force can also be a threat to the Republicans right now who see a destabilizing factor in their tenure from ECU. This threat will then force most Republicans to compromise and dial down in their donations to meet the demands of groups like End Citizens United.

The goal of End Citizens United is not to deter freedom of speech. It’s not to stop people from expressing what they want for the election process. ECU’s goal is to weed out the dark and dirty elements which may pollute the electoral process, destabilize the system and cause unforeseen harms that escalate across different states with bad election results.

There are challenges that ECU faces as many groups saying that the freedom of association gets threatened with ECU’s advocacy. However, ECU stands still in making sure that the definition of terms will be clear to the many. One of the words they want to define is the difference between getting rid of dark money out of elections and freedom of expression.

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The Medical Career Of Dr. David Samadi

     It’s irrefutable that menopause is one of the most significant stages in a woman’s reproductive cycle. To many, the period comes is filled with emotions given the fact that the onset of the stage is a mark of the end of a woman’s ability to bear children.

Regardless of what menopause holds for each woman, it is a stage that every woman will have to go through at a given point in the life. According to medical experts, women need to understand the menopause before they even get there. A woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes during this stage. Having prior information helps most females deal with various symptoms that arise from this juncture.

A lot of information on when and what women should expect during menopause is available on the internet. According to Dr, David Samadi, there are several questions women need to ask themselves way before they arrive at menopause. One of the questions is; at what age should a woman expect menopause? There is no specific date for every woman to begin menopause. Our genes contribute substantially to our diversity. Some women will stop menstruating at a different time compared to other women. The average age for menopause is 51 years. Some ladies will start as early as 45 years or as late as 55 years.

Several symptoms manifest in an individual who’s going through menopause. Some women complain of sudden hot flashes while some have problems with mood and vaginal lubrication. The most severe of menopause symptoms is hot flashes and women are advised to avoid possible triggers of the symptom.

Some of the chronic health conditions that are associated with menopause include brittle bone disease better known as osteoporosis. To deal with the state women are advised to increase their intake of calcium-rich diets such as dairy products and vegetables.

According to a renowned medical expert in the field of oncology and reproductive health, Dr. David Samadi, women should hold this conversation so that they are better prepared to handle what comes with menopause.

Dr. David Samadi boasts of vast experience in the fields of urology, oncology, and laparoscopic surgery. He has helped a lot of individuals get access to the best solutions from his area of specialization. Dr. David Samadi holds several influential posts at the Lenox Hill Hospital, and he is one of the medical correspondents for a renowned broadcaster, Fox News.

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From Humble Beginnings To Millions In Investing – Paul Mampilly’s Success

Investing one’s money is more than a simple skill, it is a talent. Knowing how to value companies and predict growth, review ratios and financial data, and prioritize among different industries takes a lot more than a basic degree in finance or accounting. A person who knows this all-too-well is Paul Mampilly.

This businessman was born in India, but he relocated to the United States in his younger years. His expertise in the area of investing are more versatile than a lot of people can even comprehend. By placing his money in electronic vehicles, precision medicine, and even food industry, Mr. Mampilly has been able to make a fortune simply by following the new technology trends. The underlying cause for different industries that he chooses to invests in is innovation. He recognizes some repetitive patterns which occur with technology development such as better efficiency, higher effectiveness, and improved quality.

With a very long portfolio of successful endeavors, Mampilly has built a reputation strong enough to start his own newsletter. The purpose of it stands to help other people achieve what he has achieved. Currently, nearly 100,000 people have signed up hoping to learn from this mastermind.

Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

The key is that this investor is able to view the world as it will be years from now. This is what helped him win the prestigious Templeton Foundation investing competition, to lay an even stronger foundation for his credibility. Starting his long career at Deutsche Bank back in the nineties, he has now been in the industry for over 25 years. Thus, it comes as no surprise that his investments are quite progressive in nature.

Presently, Mampilly tries to sway people to invest in the food industry the most. This is due to the rise of millennials who have helped make this industry over $1 trillion worth. By supporting companies that take advantage of this trend, such as Blue Apron, one could be able to benefit off of their success enormously. At the end of the day, the track record Mampilly holds speaks for itself, and his advice is something that could help people obtain complete financial freedom.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://technewsspy.com/2017/08/23/paul-mampilly-investment-advice-electric-vehicles-food-delivery-precision-medicine/

Desiree Perez Makes Her Mark With Roc Nation

Desiree Perez has given people a lot to think about when it comes to music streaming. She is not the face of Tidal, but she definitely has a great amount of influence in what Jay Z is doing with this streaming service. Desiree Perez has been a part of the underlying influence in Roc Nation Sports and Tidal music streaming for years. She has been the one that has helped Jay-Z negotiate some of the best contracts, and she has putting them in a place where he can truly manage as one of the top leaders in music streaming and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez has been the one that helped Jay-Z when everybody thought that this label would go under. So many people were debating about how a premium music streaming service would survive when there were so many free outlets for people to engage in music streaming. It would take someone like Desiree Perez to change the way that people looked at the music streaming business and more information click here.

She would put her time into helping Jay Z in the negotiation of contracts for artists and celebrities. See has proven herself to be a powerful force for Tidal, but this all started when she became familiar with Roc Nation. This is how she built her career platform in business. She became the tough contract negotiator that was able to crunch the numbers and get the job done. This was a result of her connection to the business of hustling in the streets. This is what gave her the momentum and the drive to actually build her business skills in the business world and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

There is definitely a certain amount of praise that is due for Desiree Perez because it has helped Jay-Z turn Tidal around for the best. The company is thriving thanks to her influence and her Facebook.

Waiakea Water Jumps Right In

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is a brand that supplies clean and fresh water worldwide, and it starts right in Hawaii. Ryan Emmons is the founder of this water brand which began in 2012. The water is well sanitized and ready to drink. Customers are always satisfied with this brand and come back for more. Waiakea is among the quickest growing companies all over the world. This unique brand has taken its supply to more than thirty states. The manufacture of the water is as follows; it is well sieved then packed and taken through the Waiakea Spring that is full of minerals. The end result is a water brand that is tasty and fresh, along with sustainable.

This brand is in demand by people around the world due to its success. This has encouraged the firm to start a business company in Hawaii so as to keep developing. The achievement of this company has helped increase their income especially since they came up with the business idea. Furthermore, the employees of the company are very hard working to making more success. Waiakea has recently associated itself with Pump Aid so that they can create the best water programs all over the world. They have worked hard and so far they have new pumps that have been set in Malawi.

The Malawi people and more especially the children have been able to change their lives due to these pumps. These pumps have clean and healthy water which is supplied to the whole community. More improvements are taking place such as children going to school in peace and in a healthy body. These two companies have delivered 500 million liters of water in the Malawi region. When you buy a liter of Waiakea Water, a week’s worth of water is donated to a community in need. Apart from supplying water all over the world, the company also educates the less fortunate in the society. They are working hard thus they keep developing more importantly on their water brand. Ryan Emmons has faith that together with his employees more achievements will be made because of their association with various organizations. Waiakea water has natural ingredients that are unique thus making it tasty.

Treating Sleep Apnea through Dentistry with Avi Weisfogel

Typically, people tend to overlook sleep due to various reasons including tight work schedules. Sleep deprivation can lead to a full range of undesirable consequences to one’s body. Such people may show a remarkable difference in their general appearance in addition to their health. Sleep deprivation also leads to puffy and bloodshot eyes, which could result in a wrinkled face. Fortuitously, there is a broad range of ways to deal with the effects arising from sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is among the most well-known sleep apnea specialists.

Generally, breathing pauses during sleep characterize sleep apnea. The pauses may last between a few seconds to even a whole minute. Sleep apnea can be suffered by anyone. However, studies and diagnosis reports on the condition indicate that overweight individuals are most likely to be affected. Probably, this is due to the reason that excessive fat in their bodies may interfere much with their airways.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been a dedicated and an achiever since his early days. He studied at the Rutgers University, where through relentlessness and hard work he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. Subsequently, Avi Weisfogel attended the New York University to pursue a doctor of dental surgery. Having acquired the necessary expertise and certification, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started a dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, which has since its inception, been very successful. Old Bridge Dental Care received various accolades as the best dental practice twice in two consecutive years. Dr. Avi’s dream was to be the best worldwide provider of sleep apnea solutions with dentistry.

In 2012, Dr. Avi Weisfogel instituted the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. The platform served as a common ground, acted as a think tank through which sleep experts, as well as experienced dentists would come and freely engage and share their perspective expertise on sleep apnea. Through his zeal and thirst to help sleep apnea, Dr. Avi Weisfogel launched the Dental Sleep Masters. This is a program whose prime purpose was to tailor sleep appliances which are designed to offer relief to individuals suffering from sleep disorders. The primary specialty of the Dental Sleep Master’s Program is the provision of therapy, which is orally applied.

What A Company – Securus Technologies

A company like Securus Technologies needs to be commended for what they do. They are the leader of public safety precautions, and they are exceptional at the technologies that they come up with. Even though, their clientele is based in the US, the world knows about them too. Their contributions towards making the world a safer place are well known.


They have created video technology that allows their clients people to converse freely from within their confined quarters. Most of the company’s clients are correction facilities. Securus Technologies made a safer way for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis. This keeps the visitors, the staff and the prisoners safer.


Many of their clients have written to them to let them know the positive results of using their technologies. The company published them for the people to see. They also invited the public to a visit at their location in TX. The people were taken on a tour of the plant, and allowed to ask as many questions as they had. It was a positive experience for everyone involved.


Since the company has the ability to create more ways to ensure the safety of the public, they are finding more and more ways. Their staff is educated and knowledgeable, and they can tackle any job that comes their way. They have a need to make the public safer, and every week they come up with more ways to do this. The future is something that the company looks forward to, and they are determined and willing to keep their lead in the industry.