How Helane Morrison Represents Women in the Business World and Moved Up the Corporate Ladder

In the 21st Century, women are representing the business world more than ever before, accomplishing great things while moving up the corporate ladder. A 2014 report from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics showed 51 percent of all workers are working in professional and management professions, in 2013. Among the working class of women are compliance officers, who account for 53.4 percent of 195,000 compliance officers in the United States. Helane Morrison, CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) of Hall Capital Partners LLC is included in the percentage of women holding executive positions. She joined the privately owned company in 2007 and also serves as General Counsel, Managing Director, and a member of its executive committee.


Helane Morrison studied journalism and law after receiving her high school diploma. She attended Northwestern University and University of California, School of Law, receiving bachelor’s and juris doctor degrees, respectively. Ms. Morrison practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for ten years, and became partner within five years of joining the firm. She later headed the enforcement team for Securities Exchange Commission Office in San Francisco, CA. Her elevation in the corporate world comprises of earning educational certificates, passing the California State Bar Exam, practicing law, and serving executive roles.


More women are serving as compliance officers in the U.S. ensuring corporations and agencies are complying with SEC regulations and corporate guidelines. Helane Morrison has served as compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners approximately 10 years advising senior management on the importance of compliance issues. She creates and enforce the firm’s procedures and policies, ensuring the compliance process is followed, including identifying risks. Other responsibilities include managing the advisor’s code of ethics, and safeguarding quality control testing to detect deviations of transactions that are non-compliance with the firm’s standards and policies.


Helane Morrison serves on the Board for organizations, including the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association and Regional Parks Foundation. Throughout her professional career, she has made a name for herself by becoming the first woman to serve as San Francisco District Office’s Chief for SEC. She also worked on major investigations against N.Y. Republic Securities and California Micro Devices’ auditors. Ms. Morrison is a perfect example for young men and young women who have an interest in law and have the desire to enter the compliance profession.


Should You Use Wen Conditioner?

Wen shampoos and conditioners have gotten a lot of positive attention on Twitter and social media overall, and several celebrities have even endorsed the brand on QVC infomercials. The hair care line, created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, is made from preservative-free ingredients and plant extracts to make the hair soft and healthy.

If you’re considering giving WEN a try, check out this review by Emily McClure from Bustle to decide if Wen is right for you.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from Wen for 7 days. On the first day of the experiment, McClure noticed that the Fig conditioner from Wen she was using had a pleasant scent and a thick consistency. She shared that even though she had to use a considerable amount of the product when she washed her hair, but said that her hair felt softer and fuller almost immediately.

After a few days, McClure curled her hair after washing and drying her hair. She noticed that because the Wen conditioner made her hair heavier, her curls fell faster than normal but her hair still looked healthy. Near the end of the week, McClure’s friends even noticed that her hair had a healthy shine to it.

McClure says that she’d recommend Wen to women with thin hair and women who wash their hair daily.

To order Wen, simply visit the website or the official Chaz Dean store,


Miami Beach Metrik Properties Are More Desirable With Samuel Strauch At The Helm

Many of the featured homes, condos, and luxury properties in Miami Beach have international appeal. These properties are situated near beach fronts, select metro locales, and in proximity to the most luxurious hotel properties in the world. Metrik offers access for buyers of Miami Beach luxury properties that cannot be gained anywhere else. The executive team of realty experts at Metrik, including Samuel Strauch, has created a unique channel for investors to survey and intimately experience the most desirable properties in the Miami Beach area.

Samuel Strauch is a graduate of programs at Hofstra University, Erasmus University, and Harvard. He started a small tech company in 2002, but quickly gained the attention of several regional real estate groups. Metrik of Florida presented the best opportunity for Strauch to put his expertise to use. As a result, this company has grown into one of the most influential real estate groups in Florida and Latin America.

Samuel Strauch’s concentration on new technological interfaces has made him an excellent match as an executive at Metrik. His knowledge of PHP and SQL allowed him to innovative an exciting company interface with platforms like Salesforce. This knowledge of web development skills as a company executive made Strauch an indispensable resource for Metrik.

Executive leadership shown by leaders like Samuel Strauch has made the Metrik Miami property listings available to worldwide investors. This company has grown from a local real estate entity to an international powerhouse that regularly sells high-profile properties in Miami Beach that only certain individuals can gain access to. The luxury Miami Beach real estate market is vibrant. It is best viewed through a select realtor service like Metrik because of exceptional executive oversight, planning, and influence.

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The Philanthropic Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky

It seems like some people are practically destined to get involved with philanthropy. In reality, there are a few things that have to happen before anyone can get too heavily involved with this type of activity. First and foremost, they have to have to desire to help others in a way that hasn’t already been accomplished on a fairly wide scale. Second, they have to be successful enough to have the time, the money, or both to give enough of themselves to help those who are in need. Last but certainly not least, they have to be smart enough to know how to implement some type of program that is going to be effective. It is important to note here that the program can’t just be effective on paper. It has to work in the real world or there is really no point in doing it at all. Fortunately, Eric Lefkofsky knows exactly how to accomplish all of these things. Furthermore, he has proven that he is very successful in doing so.

As part of his philanthropic efforts, he created a foundation which provides educational courses related to science and other forms of technology. His foundation helps other organizations that fit into these types of categories. His main focus is on providing funds to such organizations so that they can then afford to help more children. He does this because he believes that by empowering children with this type of knowledge, they have a better than average chance of being successful and making a good life for themselves when they grow up. After all, he has used this same type of information to create a successful life for himself, so it only stands to reason that he would want to do the same thing for other individuals click here.

Of course, his philanthropic efforts do not stop there. While he uses his financial success to contribute to a wide array of different organizations through the foundation, he also gives of his own time. He accomplishes this by teaching at the university level, specifically teaching other students how to create a successful business for themselves. It might seem surprising that someone that leads such a busy lifestyle, especially when they have found the level of success that he enjoys, would actually work to teach others how to do the same thing. With that being said, he has long believed in giving of himself in every way possible in order to help other individuals have those same opportunities for success that he has enjoyed, contact him.

Goettl Air Conditioning and Staff Care

Owner and CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, Ken Goodrich cares about the people in his community. He knows that having an air conditioning unit not working in 100-degree temperatures in the Las Vegas can be a life-threatening situation for some people. That is why he works to ensure that his staff of highly trained technicians can get repairs completed in a timely and ethical manner.

Since 1939, Goettl Air Condition has been a name associated with professional, knowledgeable, and highly trained technicians who can quickly assess your needs and provide solutions to your heating and cooling problems. They are experienced in both the installation of and repair of air conditioning units, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless systems, and expert in their maintenance.

Also, when people suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems, air quality in a home or business can affect the health of people living or working there. The Goettl staff can advise you on how to maintain proper humidity levels, remove allergens, and eliminate ventilation problems, all of which can improve your health.

Nobody likes to be surprised with their cooling or heating system going out. Goettl has maintenance plans for a nominal monthly fee that can prevent that from happening. Technicians will routinely check out your present system and take care of small problems before they become expensive big ones.

If you want to know more about Goettl Air Conditioning, check out their new website. There you can have the answers to many of your questions about services and guarantees. You can read reviews by previous customers and schedule an appointment. Whether you live in Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Tucson, it is all at your fingertips.

Sujit Choudhry: A Globally Renowned Expert in Comparative Law

Comparative Law is an area of law that is concerned with how legal systems relate to each other. It is interested in studying the differences and similarities that exist between legal systems used in different parts of the world. This method is concerned with comparing and analyzing legal cultures used today. As a result, it is essential in understanding how foreign legal systems work. In the age of globalization and the continued intertwining of public and private law, it is crucial for international harmonization. The result is a better world order because of increased international cooperation. The use of foreign laws in drafting laws has been on the rise. Besides that, there has been a growing use of foreign laws in courts all around the world.


According to,it was not until the 19th century that the concept of international law caught on. It was at that time that the First International Congress of Comparative Law occurred. Experts from across Europe convened to discuss the concept. The aim of the proceedings was the creation of a world law. However, the events of the First World War led to a change in direction. There was an extension of interest from Europe to countries with common law such as England and the US. Additionally, after 1945, the interest extended to the newly independent countries of Africa and Asia. Comparative law has proven especially valuable for commerce. It allows executives to assess the risks and rewards they are likely to reap by investing in a different jurisdiction.


About Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry is the Faculty Director and founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. It is the first university-based center in the world that mobilizes knowledge to support constitutional building. He is a law professor.


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Sujit Choudhry is recognized all over the world for his knowledge of comparative constitutional law. He addresses the methodological issues relating to the field. Moreover, he has written a lot about issues relating to constitutional design for use by states recovering from conflict; especially those that are ethnically divided. Choudhry has served as a consultant for the World Bank. He has also served as a constitutional expert in support of transition efforts in countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan.

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OSI Group And Their Worldwide Impact

OSI Group is one of the world’s most successful meat supply companies that isn’t mentioned much in the news, but their accomplishments have been quite remarkable.

The company is based in Chicago but has purchased several key meat distribution centers across Europe and Asia that have been key to their operation. Currently running the company is CEO Sheldon Lavin who started out in the banking industry but saw how special OSI Group’s business model was, and he moved up the ranks in the company from just a consultant to an owner of company stake.

OSI Group was founded back in 1909 as just a small butcher shop in the middle of Chicago. It produced some of the finest quality processed meats in the area, and in the 1950s after it had become a larger distribution company known as Otto & Sons, it entered into a partnership with McDonalds restaurants as their chief meat supplier. But they later expanded from McDonalds to supplying for many other restaurants and supermarket chains, and in time they were tapping into overseas markets. OSI Group has become successful not only because they customize meat packages and prepared meals for their clients, but also because of the culture they espouse.

OSI Group takes pride in having a culture of family values and treating employees and customers well. One thing that Lavin has boasted about is that most employees stay at the company for the long run thanks to OSI Group’s workplace atmosphere. But OSI Group also extends this to companies that they acquire. They have purchased operating plants and distribution centers that were undergoing financial crises and have retained employees and managers there while giving them access to funding. Some notable companies that OSI Group has recently acquired are Baho Foods in the Netherlands and Flagship Europe in the UK.


The Financial Genius of Brad Reifler

The financial world has a lot of very smart people working in it. At the top of that list is Brad Reifler. He has been making great investments and leading huge companies for many years. There is no question that he has a career that most people would be envious of. None of this happened by accident. Brad has had to work for everything he ever earned.

He says that he is happy he never had anything handed to him. It allowed him to appreciate his accomplishments that much more. He has done about everything that a person can do at this point in his career. There are not many more mountains he can climb.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler has received a lot of notoriety for being the man in charge of Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. He has served as the CEO of both of these companies. Learn more about more Brad Reifler:

Not surprisingly, both of these financial firms experienced a large increase in profits during the time that Brad was at the helm. He knows all the right buttons to push in order to get a company on track and keep it moving forward. He also has a great gift for sizing up the competition and finding ways to get the best of them.

Bowdoin College is where Brad Reifler received his higher education. He treasured his time in college. He has said in interviews that he often wishes he could go back to that time in his life when there was much less pressure on him.

However, he did learn a lot in college that he uses every day during his job. He has stayed in touch with many of his professors and classmates. He credits these people with helping him become the person he is today.

Crunchbase revealed to us that Brad Reifler has had articles written about him in a wide variety of financial trade publications. He has also been asked to speak and many of the most prestigious colleges in the world.

These facts speak volumes about how much respect Brad has in the financial community. People value his wisdom and want to hear what he has to say.

Avi Weisfogel Deliberately Creating Awareness about Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has treated dental problems associated with sleep. He established his first dental practice in the year 1999, Old Bridge Dental Care and managed it for over 15 years. It was during this time that he got more involved in exploring the world of sleep and tried to learn how dentists and physicians could help patients with the disorder. In the year 2014, he formed Dental Sleep Master to further assist a dentist in understanding sleep by using an oral appliance to treat the disorder. Dr. Avi Weisfogel studied biology and psychology at the University of Rutgers and a DDS from the College of Dentistry in New York. His education and experience make him knowledgeable of sleep apnea, and he uses this information to assist dentists to not only identify patients but also treat them.

Medical professions are currently more aware of destructive effects of sleep apnea, and there is new research showing that there is a correlation between life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes and sleep apnea. Thus, Dr. Avi efforts towards this field are well called for, and he leads the cause to help diagnose and treat people with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is the disorder that is common where a person has one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breathing while sleeping. The pauses can last for few seconds to the minute and can take place for thirty minutes in an hour. When normal breathing begins again, it comprises loud snort or choking sound.

The people suffering from the disorder and remain undiagnosed are about 90%. Doctor Weisfogel and his team know and there putting effort towards creating awareness about apnea. What they have created is a new model that results in better care for patients. Further, dentists are joining physicians to offer the much needed clinical support for patients suffering from apnea. However, more research is needed although there a breakthrough as ImThera Medical has developed a device called THN Sleep Therapy and has been approved by FDA for clinical trials. This is a great achievement that shows awareness, dedication, and research will give many patients hope of finding a better way to deal with sleep apnea. for more.