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Every entrepreneur strives to build a reputation of trust and integrity. Life can be so smooth when businesses are operated without issues. However, this is never the case. The reputation of your business is bound to be attacked, especially when the business starts to flourish.

If nothing is done to your bad reputation, then your clients could start believing the lies. An action has to be taken to counteract the bad reputation.

Five professional techniques to handle an attack

  1. Do not use direct combat

The first thing you think of after your reputation is ruined is a confrontation with the attacker. Things may be worse, and the clients may believe that the accusations are true. It will result in more anger, and you will look unprofessional. Instead, it is advisable to be calm and let your character speak out for you.

  1. Assure your esteemed clients that the business will run as usual

Customers fear in such situations since in most cases companies tend to be less productive or even shut down totally. This happens when the business channels its energy in fighting back. The business should remain composed as usual and run smoothly for the sake of the clients.

  1. Add extra value to you products

Clients stick with your business because of the quality they receive. Offering greater quality will make them stay focused on your firm and ignores the attackers.

  1. Get support

Getting external support from people you can trust helps you get clarity and new strategies. Vent out the anger before it becomes venom.

  1. Remain focused on your objective

The objective of the business should always propel you to move past the barricades placed on your way. understands how bad a negative reputation can impact on you. This firm is dedicated to clean up your mess. When you want your search results to be cleaned, the are the best option. You don’t have to react explosively. Act like a professional!


An Evaluation of Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel recently disclosed that he intends to launch a GoFundMe campaign, which will be in aid of Operation Smile. He further stated that he plans to raise at least 2,000 US dollars, all of which will be channeled to Operational Smile. This is a global nongovernmental organization whose work is basically medical charity. It provides free medical operations to children.

Services provided by the NGO are meant to benefit children and young adults, who are suffering from facial malformations such as pronged palates, deformed lips and any other type of facial deformity. These services are provided with the sole purpose of helping the children to live healthier lives. This also gives them hope that there is a better tomorrow. Speaking during a recent media discussion, Mr. Weisfogel voiced his delight at the initiative. He also expressed his desire to see more children living a healthy and normal life.

All children deserve to be accorded with excellent medical care whether they are affected by the deformities or not. This is a belief that Operation Smile holds onto dearly. Mr. Weisfogel is also passionate about helping children to access the highest quality medical care. Operation Smile mainly carries out its activities in partnership with medical practitioners, local government agencies, and any other concurring organization. These partnerships help in creating models that can be best used in the provision of the surgical procedures.

Brief Notes about Avi Weisfogel

The New Jersey based medical practitioner has cut a niche for himself by being one of the most prominent sleep disorders therapists. He is based at Dental Sleep Masters, a health facility located in the city. Here, he leads a team of highly competent health professionals in the provision of treatment for patients affected by sleep disorders. Prior to this, Avi worked at the Old Bridge Dental Care, a facility that he founded and ran for more that fifteen years.

Mr. Weisfogel is a graduate of Rutgers University where he undertook a degree in biology and psychology. He undertook his postgraduate studies at the New York University’s College of Dentistry. To break the monotony of his medical practice, Avi enjoys having meals at sushi restaurants. He also loves spending time with is family.

Solo Capital – Successful Investment Firm

Sanjay Shah has been a successful business owner for many years, and has relayed his experiences as well as some of his advice through an informative pod cast that was recorded with host Eric Dye. He capitalized on some important subjects such as what it takes to start your own business as well as what kind of structures to look at. He also emphasizes the importance of getting help and to no go in with the attitude of doing it all yourself. Successful businesses take a lot of work, and at times, help is needed. Well, most times, help is needed. He is the successful owner of many businesses such as Solo Capital, and his most recent charity called Autism Rocks.

He founded Autism Rocks in 2014 after the recent diagnosis of his youngest son. At the time, a lot of information wasn’t necessarily available about the neurological condition. It’s a fairly new condition that researches are still trying to fully understand. Shah donates the funds that are raised through Autism Rocks to different programs and researchers, who are helping other understand the condition and allowing them to cope with it. Families, at times, have a hard time dealing with the symptoms and behaviors of autism. It can be better understood with the help of researches. Autism Rocks is a charity that is performance based. Famous musicians help raise money by performing concerts for the cause, and all money is sent to research and development.

Shah is also responsible for the success of Solo Capital, an investment firm that he started after quitting his job in the functional accounting industry. He had worked for the banking industry and investment business and decided that it just wasn’t for him anymore. He quit his job and hired a few people to help him get Solo Capital up and running. After many hours of hard work and dedication, he formed Solo Capital and it has surged into the million dollar market place, allowing Shah to retire and fully concentrate on Autism Rocks. Solo Capital operates in London and Dubai, and has over thirty nine working offices.


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Six Great Exfoliants; One Iconic Beauty Blogger

Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, is an online icon delivering cutting-edge beauty products in a fun, relatable manner. Culturally Asian, the blogger was raised in Australia, but delivers beauty techniques in a way that multiple cultures can identify with. The natural beauty enjoys educating her followers on the newest products and trends, but also greatly enjoys promoting a healthy lifestyle for all who view.

Wengie is an animal enthusiast as well as a beauty guru. Regularly enjoying binge-watching TV and snacking, she also makes sure to balance her fun with practicality by living a natural, clean lifestyle equipped with healthy habits. Though she votes in favor of the accessories of outfits, Wengie truly enjoys every aspect of the makeup and fashion industries. From head to toe, the blogger enjoys describing the products she is obsessed with, and facial exfoliants are no exception.

In a video, the blogger discussed the top six exfoliants that work wonders on every skin type. Regularly using the words, “I’m obsessed with,” Wengie translated the best mechanisms to apply these products, how often to use them, and provided some real life examples in favor of the products.

1. Manual Scrubs: Micro-bead based, one to three times a week.
2. Chemical Exfoliants: AHA’s and BHA’s work to clean out each pore.
3. Aqua Peeling Gels: Wengie is obsessed, and enjoys peeling away her dead skin with these regularly.
4. Peeling Gels: Popular in Asia, Wengie remembered how often her mother used these, and how mom’s skin outshines her own.
5. Face Towels: As the camera focused in and creepy music played in the background, Wengie described how the fibers of the cloth work as an exfoliant.
6. Konjac Sponge: A vegetable turned sponge, the blogger loves these cleansing tools.

Providing demonstrations on each item allowed viewers to form an opinion as to which products would work best for them. Wengie, just as you are obsessed with these exfoliants, the public is truly obsessed with your blog, and anxiously await for more news!


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D.A.locks heads with the former Police Union Head.

It is unbelievable that a police chief would be an obstructionist. The accusation and counter accusations between George Gascon and Gary Delagnes cannot be said to be wrong or right prior to the investigation. The former chief of police for many years was believed to have been close to the police union.


These allegations, however, have without a doubt changed that perception. The two individuals worked together before for the SFDP but have both left the department. These problems would be assumed to be a thing of the past and does not still ail the SFDP.


In a sworn declaration Gary Delagnes give a detailed report of all the incidents that occurred during their careers with the police department. The allegations by Delagnes have been backed by the current POA president Martin Halloran.


What pushed Delagnes to speak was the after Gascon alleged that there was more concerned with the police department than when he was chief. George Gascon was chief from 2009 to 2011.


Delagnes, however, seem to think that the police department has improved as time has gone by and believed it is better without Gascon. Gascon was further alleged to have had issues with the ranks of the union when he was in the department.


Delagnes even says that once when they had lunch together with Gascon in 2011 said that he would even oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as police chief. He later changed his mind; he was advised that the POA would not support his re-election if he opposed Suhr.


Delagnes added that the staff being close by being born and raised in the city they weren’t not the best. The closeness that they had precluded an objective look into the department. Delagnes say was a direct contribution to the former chief.


There were complaints that Gascon also raised about the old boy network. Delagnes says these comments are outrageous since Gascon appointments were consistently graduates of both San Francisco Catholic high school and Lowell.


The allegations that have been said about George Gascon are indeed overwhelming. From being racial to not careering much about his work cannot be taken lightly. The task force, however, will bring light to all the allegations made and the truth shall be known.

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