Darius Fisher and Status Labs Impact Community

In March 2015, Status Labs of Austin, Texas, took a look around their company and did not particularly like what they saw. Therefore, president Darius Fisher issued a command that his 20 employees were to create a workplace that they could be proud to work in on a daily basis. Even though it has been painful at times, the results are amazing and the size of the staff at Status Labs has almost doubled.
The company’s growth would not be possible without the leadership of Darius Fisher. His colleagues recognized his contribution by naming him Innovation award by 50 from PRWeek. Many top Fortune 500 companies recognize his power to protect their images on the Internet. Others listen when he speaks about how to successfully run a business.
While Darius Fisher is usually found working behind his desk, that is not always the case. He loves to play soccer and he also loves to travel. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.
He encourages his employees to engage with the community. One project that several employees have helped with is Dress for Success that helps low-income people get the clothes that they need before a job interview. Other employees have been active with teaching young people how to grow their own food. Still other employees have helped gather groceries for area food banks.
Under the leadership of Darius Fisher, the company took on their first pro bono client during 2015. This university professor had stood with students who called for an end to racial violence on their campus and was fired for her involvement. Darius recognized that one mistake should not define a teacher’s career. Therefore, he helped the professor create positive Internet news about herself.
Darius Fisher is a well respected individual who understands how important reputation management is to every business person’s success. If you need help in this area, then make sure to contact him and his team.

A New Breakthrough in 7 Days: Wen

We all know the struggle of frizz, split ends, and breakage in our hair. Nothing can be more agitating than hair that just won’t become healthy again. Not to fear ladies, there’s a brand new breakthrough that’s been sweeping across the country; WEN Hair products!

Wen Hair fights off dullness and breakage, with a five in one unique formula, Wen nourishes and revitalizes your hair from root to tip.Wen hair shampoos and deep conditions your hair, detangles the knots,and even acts as a leave in conditioner.

Originally reported an Bustle.com, from Emily McClure had decided to purchase from sephora and give Wen a try, and you would not believe the difference in just seven days! Before she began her beauty expiriment, she said her hair was greasy and unruly. By the time the end of the day of the third day rolled around, her hair was still sleek and shiny.

By day six, her friend’s began to really notice the difference in her hair, complimenting the shininess of it during a night out on the town. Finally, by day seven, her hair had still looked great, and styled easily.

As you can clearly tell, thousands of people have fell in love with Chaz Dean’s Wen hair. Why not give it a try?



Dr, Jennifer L. Walden One of Harper’s Bazaar 24 Best

Harper’s Bazaar magazine has, recently, named Jennifer Walden, M.D. to its prestigious list of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States of America. Walden was born in Austin Texas, she was the daughter of a father, who was a dentist, and a mother, who was a surgical nurse. After graduating from high school she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Biology, she went on to graduate as salutatorian at the Texas Medical Branch of the University of Texas. She began her career in Manhattan, N.Y. at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, there she was mentored by Dr. Sherrell Aston, a highly regarded and appreciated surgeon.
Dr. Walden has now returned to Texas where she continues her career as a skillful and highly-regarded plastic surgeon and founder of the Jennifer L. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She performs surgery for a variety of body and face surgeries, including the now very popular labiaplasty.
ABC News and Fox News have successfully featured her as an expert professional commentator on her field of plastic surgery. She sits on the board of directors of Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board. Dr. Walden co-wrote “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” a popular textbook for her profession of plastic surgery.
Dr. Walden personifies the professional woman of today: dedicated, driven, involved with her local community and with the world at large. Her complete commitment to her craft has left her little time for a personal life; evidenced by her decision to have children by in vitro fertilization. Dr. Walden is a successful professional woman, who now is the mother of two boys, and she is surrounded by her large extended family in Texas. She is a common sight on television in Texas where she endeavors to shed light upon surgical solutions for physical problems affecting people, today.

USMR Pearl Harbor Recap


The U.S. Money Reserve Donates Funds For A Lone Sailor Statue

The U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation have joined forces to erect a seven foot, bronze Lone Sailor Statue at Pearl Harbor. The Lone Sailor has long been the symbol of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. It represents the values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. The statue is to pay gratitude to those who have served in the Sea Services. It is the hope of everyone involved that the statue will create excitement within the younger generation to join the Sea Services as well as honor those who have already served as well as those still serving.

According to the original article that appeared on Kusi, the U.S. Money Reserve is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coins to pay for the statue. The gold and silver coins were created to honor the events that happened during the attack on Pearl Harbor. John Toushek, the President and CEO of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, stated that the beautifully crafted coins serve a two-fold purpose. The first one being a reflection of that time period in history, but also as a remembrance of the generation who ended up winning the war.

Stanley Bleifled is the creator of the statue. He also serves as the official sculptor to the U.S. Navy Memorial. The 1700 pound statue was created as two pieces. The first piece being the sailor and the second being his sea bag and cleat. Steel taken from the USS Arizona was used it creating the base for the Lone Sailor Statue.

Getting the Pros to Help with Investment Banking

For anyone who does a lot of investment banking, it is always a nice idea to be working with the experts who can assist you in what you need to have done. Investments can be tricky and risky both at the same time. If you are unaware of how to invest your money, it might help if you look into hiring a professional who is going to be able to help you out. This expert will be by your side when doing any and all investments, ensuring that you are satisfied with the finished result.

One such professional is known as Martin Lustgarten and he has helped a range of people work on a lot of different investment options. This professional is there to assist you in what you need and can definitely help in what is available to you. Martin Lustgarten is one of the leaders in the investment banking world and can help tremendously when it comes to getting what you need. There are a lot of different ways for you to invest, but knowing that you have a pro by your side will make it all better.

The great thing about hiring a professional like Martin Lustgarten is that he has worked on a variety of different investment options for a range of different people. There are a lot of ways for you to invest your money, but it is vital that you look into working with a professional who can further make you realize your dreams. Martin Lustgarten is one such expert who can aid you in what you are looking to achieve. Find him on Facebook for news and other information.

There are a lot of reasons for you to hire a professional when doing all of your investment banking. This is because it is important that you look into working with someone who knows the business inside and out. It is nice to realize that you do have potential in the investment banking world and that you can do your absolute best in terms of making some money and knowing that this is something that is going to benefit you over the long run.

A Shifting Scene: The Changes In The Dog Food Industry

Beneful was founded in 2001 as a dog food company. Today, it is one of Nestle Purinastore’s top brands. The company was one of the first brands to emphasize the importance of nutritious dog food. Beneful did two things differently with their food. The first thing they changed was what they put in the food. From the beginning, Beneful added fresh and healthy ingredients like real beef. They also rounded out the ingredients in order to get certification from the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This organization is one that is not controlled by the government or by business interests. It is an independent body that is concerned with the quality of food that animals are fed. The second aspect that Beneful changed about dog food is the color. Usually, dog food only comes in a grayish brown color. Beneful thought that even though dogs can not see color, humans can and humans probably want the food that they buy for their pet to be attractive to look at. Due to these two changes and an excellent marketing and advertising history, Beneful is now one of the top five most popular dog food brands on twitter.

Beneful is not the only company that is making changes to the dog food industry. In fact, there are many newer companies that are coming on to the dog food market. The Daily Herald covered the story recently. In the article, it was discussed how some small companies are succeeding and moving forward. Other small companies are being bought up by the larger one who also wan to follow the healthier trends that are becoming popular in the consumption of dog food. The over arching theme is that dog food companies want to produce high quality dog food that provides the best nutrients. The article discusses the speed of development in the pet food industry, which is now worth more than 23 billion dollars. The real question that investors are now asking is whether a big profit can be seen with expensive ingredients.