Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leading Expert in Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel together with Dr. Jonathan Greenburg and Dr. Barry Glassman founded Dental Sleep Masters based in South Orange, New Jersey have revolutionized and impacted the world of sleep medicine. His practice includes helping individuals suffering from sleep apnea find a way to properly treat and eliminate its effects on their daily lives. In order to effectively treat sleep apnea, Dr. Avi Weisfogal must first let patients know that the disorder exists. Dr. Weisfogal can then either treat them or refer the patient to another dental professional who can fit them with the appropriate oral appliance.

Prior to Dental Sleep Masters, he practiced dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care from 1999 to 2014. He wanted to help more patients understand and treat their sleeping disorders. His passion to his work can be seen throughout all of the patients that he has helped through the years. Watch his educational YouTube video below.

Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Use Oral Appliance Therapy By Avi Weisfogel. Loud snoring and the possibility of dangerous medical conditions are the major symptoms of this condition. Earlier statistics, suggested that overweight, middle aged men were at the highest risk. However, further studies suggest that people that are overweight, smokers, older, black males, drinkers, taking tranquilizers and have a family history of the condition, have the highest risk for developing sleep apnea. Overweight individuals are more susceptible to sleep apnea but it can effect anyone. Children can have sleep apnea because tonsils may be enlarged with obstructs air passage.

A doctor will conduct a series of tests to determine whether sleep apnea is the cause. First, they will perform a simple examination of the mouth, throat, and nose. If the problem persists, they may conduct an in-office or at-home sleep study that involves monitoring the body’s sleep patterns. If a medical professional feels obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is indeed the cause of a patient’s issues, oral appliance therapy (OAT) and upper airway surgery represent two of the more common forms of treatment.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a network of other experienced dentists to work with, and together they help sleep apnea patients achieve the results they want. Sleep apnea doctors offer a new lease on life that patients need to stay well. For more information on Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his in-depth knowledge and experience on Sleep Apnea click here to read his updated blog.

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The Importance Of Acting Responsibly On Social Media For CEO’s

The behavior of CEO’s is becoming increasingly more scrutinized and as a result increasingly more important online especially on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. CEOs, business owners and employees take heed of the following unfortunate situation that happened to Ryan Holmes, the chief executive officer at Hootsuite. After Hootsuite had finished downsizing the company and firing employees from multiple locations, Mr. Holmes posted a photograph of himself holding a cup with liquor, with the tag “Cheers to my homies.” Several employees who were just fired saw the picture of their former CEO holding a cup of liquor and seemingly saluting that they were fired. The post was quickly taken down, but backlash and negative reactions already occurred. The damage to the company and the CEO was already done. Although Mr. Holmes may have been saluting family and friends for the holidays, many employees took it to mean that he was happy that the employees were finally fired and let go as part of the downsizing.

Perception is key online, where information is readily available and accessible about people and places. “The best way to prevent CEOs or other high profile figures from falling victim to such an event is to undergo social media training” says Darius Fisher, a founder of digital reputation management company Status Labs. Due to the fact that CEOs are the face of the company in the eyes of people and employees it is imperative that CEOs and other highly visible figures know what they should and shouldn’t do on social media. Yes, it a private account of a CEO and not a company page or profile, but because the CEO represents the company, they must exercise extreme caution and use good judgement when posting photos and information as shown by the Hootsuite case with CEO Ryan Holmes.

If you have already suffered damage like Ryan Holmes has, then you might just be needed the services of a reputation management company like Status Labs to handle a public relations crisis. Status Labs combines traditional public relations with online search engine optimization to mitigate crises and restore personal and company reputation. Status Labs works with politicians, CEOs, entire companys, athletes and private individuals to restore reputation and confidence after a major event has dealt a blow a company’s or individual’s public perception.

Sleep Apnea Dental Knowledge And Education

Sleep Apnea is one of the most dangerous issues that people refuse to believe is an issue. Sleep apnea is an issue when the tongue falls back into the throat and obstructs your airway enough to cause death. People are beginning to look at sleep disorders for what they are. the tongue falling over the back of the throat can cause someone to snore but also cause them to stop breathing while sleeping. Most people in sleep studies stop breathing over 100 times in 8 hours. This is dangerous because it decreases your oxygen in your blood stream. with oxygen decrease, there is going to be damage to major and minor organs.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a leading expert in treating sleep apnea and teeth grinding is here to tell everyone about dental guards and appliances that will help keep people from snoring or stopping breathing. Weisfogel began his career and education studying Psychology. He completed this education and continued on to New York University where he earned his Dental Surgeon status. Many times he treated individuals in his office that have issues with teeth alignment.

Now, after many years treating others, Weisfogel is teaching his techniques to other specialists. He is showing how each month the dental specialists or surgeons are treating over 50 people. Treating and curing these sleep issues can be as simple as using a guard that holds the tongue. Not everyone with sleep apnea is suffering because of COPD.

After many years explaining the details behind dental appliances, Dr. Weisfogel is making breakthroughs with speaking engagements such as the one in Las Vegas. The more people that get the information the better. People are standing in line to book a spot for one of these breakthrough lectures. Information more than half the battle and is leading others to reduce the amount of surgeries and evasive treatments.

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Achieving Fame Through YouTube

If anyone says that one can’t become famous through YouTube, then he really doesn’t understand the power that such a medium could have. Millions of people at the very least watch YouTube everyday. Television and other forms of media are quickly losing their power. One of the reasons that YouTube is turning out to be more powerful and popular than other forms of media is that the social media platform allows people to watch what they want to watch when they want to watch. There is also more freedom when it comes to what one could uploaded. For this reason, people are discovering and finding fame on YouTube.

Among the people that are becoming famous on YouTube is a YouTube personality named Wengie. She runs a blog that deals with beauty. she is someone that many people look to as an example of beauty. One of the reasons that people look to her for beauty is that she has an open mind. She doesn’t fall into the narrow minded way of thinking that suggests that only a certain look could be beautiful. She sees inspiration of beauty from anyone.

One thing that Wengie encourages is that people go a little bit outside of the rules in order to find what works for them. Often times, the idea of beauty grows and changes from time to time due to the willingness of someone to be daring and to break the rules of beauty and recreate them. If there is one thing that Wengie and history has shown, it is that beauty is a fluid concept. People will find various things attractive. It is important for people to find their own beauty.

Wengie is an example of someone who works very hard to achieve fame. She didn’t achieve fame overnight. She had to work hard at marketing her site in order to get the subscribers and the views that she needs in order to bring in the profits that she could earn. She is also gaining the attention of reporters that always report on alternative methods that people use in order to bring in the profits.

Sleep Apnea Risks

More people than you might think have trouble sleeping. They toss and turn all night or they wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. Some simply have a brief interruption and continue sleeping. Often, the lack of a good night’s sleep sends them to the family doctor for a diagnosis of their sleep problem. Generally, some inexperienced doctors might assume that the patient is suffering with insomnia and prescribe sleeping pills or another natural treatment. However, experienced doctors realize that the patient is suffering with sleep apnea. This is a condition that causes people to stop breathing for a few seconds to a minute during sleep.

The surprising fact is that a large number of sufferers go undiagnosed. Why? Well, most doctors assume that sleep anea is a problem that generally affects older men or those that are overweight. This is because previous statistics prove that the group suffered with the condition more than any other profiled group. However, this belief led to undiagnosed cases. Today, more physicians realize sleep apnea is a growing concern with the general population.

Certainly, the airways get narrow during sleep. However, some suffer with problems because their airways narrow. These people suffer, gasping for air or waking up several times a night. Still, sleep apnea is easier to diagnose than you might think. Often, it is the spouse or another person in the family that detects the sleeping condition that eventually leads to a cure. For example, people with the condition snore and gasp for air during sleep. They report those symptoms to their family doctor. The doctor realizes that the patient has sleep apnea.

Dr Avi Weisfogel is a leader in the sleep apnea field. He is a very dedicated dental professional that believes in bringing the best and highest quality care to his patients. He is a top dentists at Old Bridge Dental Care. He received his education at the New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has expert knowledge on sleep apnea and uses this expert knowledge to quickly identify patients that might experience problems with obstructive sleep apnea. Furthermore, he has reviewed the latest studies on the way to identify patients with a higher risks for sleep apnea (check out his informational video posted below). For example, more than overweight, older men suffer with sleep apnea. Statistics show that menopausal women, those with high blood pressure, and smokers are at risk too.

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For those of you who have been spreading crazy rumors about Banco BMG being acquired by another bank, please stop, Marcio Alaour just confirmed those are nothing but rumours.In an interview with Estado de Minas, he said discussions with Bradesco and BTG banks were not fruitful, and they were going to partner with Banco Itau to create ITAU BMG bank.Mr Marcio was optimistic that the new arrangement would benefit all.


The bank will contribute $ 300 million, and Itau would provide $ 700 million to the $ 1 billion capitals for the new bank. It will be leveraged up to 11 times in line with current Brazilian central bank regulations. Both banks are expected to contribute their strengths to the partnership. Banco BMG has a lot of experience on payroll loans and consigned credit. It has for a long time been called the miners bank due to its history of paying and lending money to miners.


Given the current crisis in Brazil, Banks are seeking to leverage their strengths by creating partnerships that work. Some of the strengths of Banco BMG includes the ability to floats in the international market and raise capital.Itau will also help avoid international competition among the banks.


The new deal will see both banks continue their independent operations but give some of their customers. Banco BMG is expected to provide 5 million customers while ITAU is expected to give 3 million customers.Itau will also provide needed experience in the market seeing as it is the 5th biggest bank in Brazil.


Marcio is the vice president of the bank. He is a man who rose from a shoe shiner to became the vice of BMG.Marcio is from Santé Antonio in Minas state in the rural countryside of Brazil. He holds a degree in accounting and has been given many prizes for his work. Santé Antonio recently named a food court after him and a plate of the town square engraved his name.


Mr Marcio works in BMG with prominent banker Ricardo Guimares.They have together grown the bank from a new bank to be one of the heavy hitters in Brazil. It today has 5 million customers being served by 50000 agents in 3000 branches. It also has hired a very talented team that works very hard.


It remains to be seen what direction this new partnership will take. Only time will tell. For more: EM.com.br


Examining the State of Health in Xerem with State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes

Source: Extra.globo.com

On Sunday morning, State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes was in Xerém, Duque de Caxias, surveying the areas most affected by the floods this week and the main shelters that are receiving municipal population. The State Government is setting up a Dengue Hydration Center at the health center of Xerém, which has been operating since 3pm on Sunday. The center has twelve chairs for hydration and has capacity to serve 300 people a day. We are taking steps to prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. Secretary Sergio Cortes explained that this center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of garbage accumulated by the city, increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation.
In a meeting with the municipal health secretary, Camillo Junqueira, and the coordinator of the National Health Force, Conceição Mendonça, it was agreed that the state deliver another calamity kit to Caxias (the first has already been delivered), in addition to 3000 antibiotic tablets for early intervention against leptospirosis.
All measures taken by the State Department of Health, or SES,(present in the region with the epidemiological surveillance teams since last Thursday) so far are aimed at preventing the proliferation of diseases that are transmitted by contaminated water, such as leptospirosis, hepatitis A and diarrhea; By cluster of people, such as chicken pox and meningitis; and after rainfall, such as dengue.
The first batch of samples collected in seven shelters of Xerém under the surveillance of the state health department was considered unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels (Lacen). Therefore, teams are working on the daily disinfection of this water. The recommendation of the Department of Health is that all people do the same.
For this, the State Government has delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Capias. The people who are in shelters or around their homes should use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. Also, they should use hypochlorite in water tanks. Secretary Sergio Cortes warned that the shelters are making this distribution, and asked that anyone making donations to Xerém not forget to include bottled water.
The Situation Room is mounted on Xerém health post for monitoring all health actions for the region. In addition to the previously mentioned measures, the coming days will see another calamity kit being sent to the region and there will be training people working in shelters for early identification of symptoms of major diseases and rapid adoption of febrile syndrome protocol. The National Force Health will also be convened.
Sergio Cortes has completed extensive research in the healthcare field with subjects ranging from diabetes to orthopedics. He is a doctor who cares deeply about the physical health of those in his community. Find more information about him at his website www.sergiocortesoficial.com.

Kyle Bass: Champion of the People or Monger of Profits

Kyle Bass has shown himself to be like a rash to the financial world, albeit a persistent one that will not go away. Now, he has set his sights on the pharmaceutical industry, and this time around he has teamed up with infamous patent hawk, Erich Spangenberg. Together they formed the Coalition for Affordable Drugs and under the guise of making pharmaceuticals more affordable to the American consumer, they have filed 33 requests for patent review of 13 drugs from a dozen different companies. If they get their way then these companies will lose their patents and the drugs can be generically duplicated. While Bass may seem like a proponent of a noble cause, lowering the cost of pharmaceuticals, given his past, it is highly doubtful that his “cause” is anything more than a desperate attempt to bolster his own personal wealth.

Bass founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006 in Dallas, Texas. He became a very wealthy man in 2008 when the subprime mortgage market collapsed, which he had predicted. He was instantly a superstar in the financial forum and a much sought after draw for television appearances where he postured his system for analyzing market trends, which only served to further line his pockets. However, as his television appearances increased, his system seemed to flounder, and the one-time financial guru seemingly could do no right.

To erase any doubt, UsefulStooges reports that Bass is motivated by any since of care for the common person, one need only look at his defense of GMC when their negligence to mechanical failures in their vehicles were causing consumer fatalities. The company was aware of their non-deploying airbags and their faulty power-steering, and Bass, an investor in the brand, tried to make the consumers the cause of their fatal ends. He shifted the blame, which was duly laid at the feet of the auto-makers, to the buyers; he said that the victim’s deaths were caused by their own drunk driving or failure to wear seatbelts.

Now that we see he has no sympathy for the health and safety of his fellow man, what does he have at stake in his war on the pharmaceutical industry? More money! The Coalition for Affordable Drugs is a front organization set up by Bass and Spangenberg to go after vulnerable pharmaceutical companies. They short sell the companies stocks, and then have the nerve to go after one or more of its patents. This is a ploy that will inevitably drive the value of that pharma company’s stocks downward, and Bass and Spangenberg can buy back the stocks that they short sold, return them to the pharma company, and keep all of the profit. It is plain to see that it is not consumer health, but corporate wealth, that is the driving force behind Kyle Bass and his Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and the loopholes he’s known for using.

Sergio Cortes Takes Charge Of Flooding Health Concerns

The Health Secretary, Sergio Cortes, surveyed the casualties and infrastructure damage inflicted in Xerém, Duque de Caxias by heavy flooding this week. The State Government has provided the Dengue Hydration Center as well as the main shelters in the city, since Sunday. This center can handle providing emergency re-hydration to as many as 300 people each day. All agencies are coordinating to help not only the city of Xerém, but also use the city as a base to help all the surrounding areas devastated by flooding.

Secretary Cortes made this statement: “We are taking steps, planning for the worst and hoping for the best. This center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of accumulated garbage in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue fever mosquito proliferation.”

As a medical professional, Secretary Cortes, whom is an MD, has done much research and developed treatments for back pain and ways to use those treatments to encourage better body posture, which is the source of many issues with back pain. He takes a very practical and preventative approach to healing in his patients. He points out that chronic back pain is the end result of too much chronic use of modern technology without maintaining proper back posture, in many cases.

The Health Minister, Camillo Junqueira, and the National Health Force Conception Mendonça have agreed the government must immediately deliver another Caxis emergency kit, beyond the one already sent into the area. Also, 3,000 treatments of antibiotics were requested as an early intervention against leptospirosis. They recommend drinking bottled water whenever possible.

The State Department of Health sent in Epidemiological Surveillance teams to target preventing spread of diseases, such as leptospirosis, hepatitis A, and severe diarrhea. They are also watching people with chicken pox, meningitis, and dengue fever. The water from several sources supplying Xerém’s shelters have tested positive for infection-causing agents, therefore all people are advised to disinfect their water. The government also delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Caxis. These were being distributed through the city’s shelters. The National Health Force will be brought in to manage the situation. This was first reported by ‘Sergio Cortes Oficial‘ here: Sérgio Côrtes acompanha situação.

Dr, Jennifer Walden Discusses Popular Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeries

Women today are being bombarded with images of what culture has deemed the perfect body. While breast augmentation and other types of cosmetic surgeries have been done for years, recently surgeries to correct or enhance female sex organs have become very popular according to the Austin, Texas-based Dr. Jennifer Walden.

The first of these surgeries is known as a labiaplasty. The labia are the folds of skin surrounding the vulva and or on either side of the vagina. The surgery can be performed on either the labia major, or larger outer “lips”, or the labia minor, the inner and smaller folds of skin. The labia can change both the size or the shape of the lips.

One of the more common reasons for women choosing this surgery is due to the popularity of tighter clothing like swimwear, tight jeans and yoga pants that accentuate that part of a woman’s body. Also, the prevalence and wider acceptance of pornographic films have increased many women’s desire to enhance that part of their anatomy. Aside from the aesthetical issues surrounding enlarged labial lips, there are also medical and hygienic concerns, plus some women have reported sexual discomfort.

Vaginoplasty is the other procedure that is gaining in widespread popularity. This procedure is used to “tighten” up a vagina that has become loose due to childbirth or the normal aging process. This surgery can increase the enjoyment from sex for both partners. There is also a non-surgical technique that uses pulses of radio frequencies that is a popular option.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS and has appeared on a number of television shows and newscast. Her articles and interviews have likewise been featured in a number of popular beauty and women’s health publications. She graduated from the Texas Medical University and performed her fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals. Walden has also edited and authored a number of peer-reviewed research articles and a widely used textbook in aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Walden is active in the charitable community in her hometown and goes on frequent international medical service trips with Austin Smiles, a charity dedicated to delivering cleft palate surgery to children around the world. She is also a proponent of the Austin junior League’s FIT (Food in Tummies) program that provides nutritious meals to children over the weekends and during school breaks when they do not have access to school lunches.