The Success of Dan Newlin Law Firm

Dan Newlin and associates partner to form a personal injury law firm that is committed to helping accident and injury victims to recover all what they are entitled to due to various injuries. Dan Newlin is one of the Florida top-rated injury attorneys, having helped many accident victims recover over one hundred million dollars for injuries arising from various categories of accidents. He deals with both physical and psychological accidents that may be caused by individual negligence or by careless conduct of other people. He is ever ready to be consulted by victims who want to receive compensation for accidental damages and losses.

His Florida-based offices work round the clock to ensure victims get the justice they are entitled to. Lawyers in his firm understand the needs of victims and the fact that personal injuries can lead to devastating effects on the injured persons and their beneficiaries. His law firm is dedicated to helping victims to heal their psychological effects resulting from an injury, coupled with economic hardship that arises when they lose their income. He has qualified, knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced lawyers with unbeatable experience in law.

The lawyers provide free legal advice to victims, consequently helping them to get due compensation for their losses. The firm deals with accidents relating to medical malpractices, wrongful death, pedestrians, auto accidents, slip and fall, birth injuries, pharmaceutical malpractices among other accidents. It is important to consult them if one has a claim to pursue in the court of law for them to evaluate the nature of the case and start the judicial process.

The firm also provides legal services and advice that majority of insurance agencies do not provide. The chances of winning a claim while working with Dan Newlin and partners are very high since lawyers have developed a profound reputation in presenting and arguing the case successfully. Their dedication to helping injured people maximize the monetary recovery as well as protecting the legal rights of victims through professional legal representation.

Dan Newlin understands how traumatic personal accidents can affect victims, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, he offers necessary step-step actions to take after an occurrence of an injury. For instance, how soon should a victim report the case to the police? What’s the importance of getting contacts and names of the witnesses and taking photographs of the scene? A victim needs to make a phone call which is free, after which Dan Newlin and his team of lawyers respond quickly. Besides, he will provide assistance to victims with respect to actions that they ought to address shortly after the accident.

Three Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Brad Reifler

Being a successful entrepreneur involves more than just making money, or even building a successful business. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a way of life; it says much about using your life to build a legacy as it is about turning a profit. Young entrepreneurs are wise to study those that came before them, those that have built and are building their own legacies, to learn the key principles and habits that will help them to succeed as well.

One such successful entrepreneur is Brad Reifler, and his Wikipedia entry really shows why he is considered one of the finest in his field. Here are three things beginning entrepreneurs can learn from the phenomenal success Brad Reifler has built for himself.

Capitalize on What You’re Good At

We’re all good at something. We all have strengths, just as we all have weaknesses. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them, using them to build your business. That’s exactly what Brad Reifler has done.

Brad attended Bowdoin College and received a degree in economics and political science. Both from school, and hard work in the years following graduation, Brad has developed extensive skills in the area of investment management, investment strategies, trading, and finance. Throughout his career, and especially in recent years, he has used his specific skill set to build highly successful investment and financial companies.

Focus on Relationships, Not Just Business

To make a business succeed, you need much more than a sound business plan and a good deal of capital. Perhaps the most important element to a successful business venture is the relationships you can bring to the table, as well as those you can build throughout your entrepreneurial career. Brad Reifler understands all too well the value of relationships in a strong business.

Forefront Capital, LLC, Brad’s current business focus, is as much built on strong relationships as it is on smart business sense. According to Reifler’s personal website, ‘the environment at Forefront encourages everyone to share the most important asset; their relationships.’ In fact, Brad has put together a network of successful professionals, which he calls The Forefront Community, whose members come from Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Expand into New Territories and Fields

A truly great entrepreneur is not static, sticking to only one field of interest or idea. The entrepreneurial spirit drives many successful professionals to find new areas in which they can use their business skills. In recent years, Brad Reifler has expanded his investment know-how to a completely new clientele, a group of people that many refer to as the “99 percent.”

After years of working with accredited investors, who must be incredibly wealthy to even be considered, Brad has now opened the Forefront Income Trust, which caters to non-accredited investors, individuals that only have perhaps a few thousand dollars to invest.

Even though this is a completely new area and clientele to expand into, Reifler is convinced that the Forefront Income Trust will be both profitable and fulfilling.

Beginning entrepreneurs can learn a lot from experienced successful professionals like Brad Reifler. Can you apply these principles to help you make a success of your business ideas?

Ken Griffin The Legendary Hedge Fund Manager Is Bullish About Tax Reform

There’re a lot of heated conversations going on in the investment world about tax reform. Many hedge fund managers don’t like the idea that tax reform is one of the topics that most presidential candidates are discussing. Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, the Chicago-based hedge-fund investment firm, thinks hedge fund managers may be in end for a rude awakening in 2016 for a couple of reasons.

Ken Griffin is not a politician. Griffin is a billionaire that understands the internal facets of the United States government. Hedge fund managers like Mr. Griffin have close connections to the political world, and those connections say tax reform is coming, and it’s coming soon. How that reform will impact hedge fund managers is anybody’s guess at this point, but most investors think the current tax structure for hedge fund managers like Griffin will change. Investors may be taxed at a higher rate, and that will have a major impact on the economy, according to Griffin.

Mr. Griffin is an investor that has been through the trauma of losing everything and then getting it all back thanks to some risky, but smart investment strategies. When the market hit bottom in 2008 Griffin and his company were wiped out. All the assets that were under management at the time went south, and Griffin and his 18-year-old company were ready to call it quits. But Griffin changed his mind, and with the help of a few friends that invested Griffin decided to buy assets that looked like they would never recover from the 2008 mess. But those assets did recover and so did Griffin and his company.

Today, Citadel LLC is one of the largest hedge fund firms in the country. Griffin is a certified billionaire and an investment celebrity that has friends in high political places. Last year, Bill Clinton came to his 46th birthday party and spoke to the guests. Clinton was a paid speaker at the party, but he is also a friend of Mr. Griffin. Both men share some of the same thoughts when it comes to tax reform and other political issues.

The United States has one of the highest tax rates in the world, according to Griffin. That’s why many American corporations try to avoid paying taxes by registering in other countries that have lower tax rates. Hedge fund managers currently pay a little less than 24 percent in taxes, and if the current loophole is closed, they will pay 39 percent like other Americans. Griffin says if that tax loophole is closed the U.S. government would raise more than $20 billion in revenue over the next ten years, but if the rate for everyone is lowered including corporations and hedge fund managers, the government will earn even more.

Paying more taxes isn’t Griffin’s goal, but he does want the U.S. economy to grow. Rather than raising hedge fund manager’s tax rate, Griffin, and other investors say change the rate that all taxpayers pay. The United Kingdom tax rate is 20 percent. Canada and the Eurozone’s rate is around 26 percent. Hedge fund managers currently pay a little more than 23 percent. Griffin and other investors support tax reform if it is done fairly and benefits the growth of the economy.

Op-ed: Clean Power For Environment And Economy

Reno City Council voted last week for clean power plan, which is entitled to help migrate the country from dirty coal to a renewable and cleaner energy. This election has made Op-ed become an important entity in the country in pledging support for more decent power plan, joining numerous private sector companies. Many voices have come together to press our society and utilities towards clean energy through Clean Power Plan. A healthy, new diverse, sustainable growing economy is upon every one of us providing an opportunity for all in the county. The company has made a great deal of progress in building a clean energy economy. The company leading the transitional way are keeping the pressure on Op-ed’s elected officials and utilities.

This moment is the time for clean energy and not in the future. This forms the moment to ask the Op-ed’s elected officials to ask for actual leadership that is more than just compliance. This company will make the county lead in a real clean energy in this 21st century and help create a stronger and healthy economy. Our officials should now rational, long-term and logical thinking. The clean energy topic is political. In this county’s case, it is about the reality of the rusty poor quality air we breathe, the increased forest fires and drought. It is about the immutable truth of our region’s contribution to the hemisphere and climate.

Andy Wirth, was born on 25th July 1953, is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and the Alpine Meadows. Andy has worked in the hotel industry and mountain resort for 25years. He commenced his career with Steamboat spring resorts in 2007. He has also served in marketing and leadership positions at the Steamboat Resort & Ski incorporation. In 2007, he was appointed executive vice president and CEO of Intrawest. He then left Steamboat to work as CEO of Squaw Valley.

Andy was born in Neubrucke, West Germany in July 1963. He holds a bachelor’s degree in science from Colorado State University as well as the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After campus, Andy began working as an intern in Steamboat Ski in 1986. He worked for that company for more than 20 years in numerous marketing positions for ownerships involved in Ski resort and within Steamboat. He later got a promotion into Intrawest and was named its chief marketing officer and sales executive vice president.

Source: The Reno-Gazette Journal

The Rise of Investment Banking and James Dondero’s Contribution

Investment banking is a model of business that started many years in the past as a kind of partnership that focused on acquisitions, mergers, underwriting security issuances second market offerings and brokerage. Nowadays, it has developed into a whole service business that involves securities research, proprietary trading, and investment management. This has given birth to investment banks that are financial business entities that work towards helping individuals, corporations and governments raise financial capital by processes like underwriting and issuance of securities.

Investment banking currently entails the FICC services, acquisitions and mergers, trading of equity securities as well as derivatives. Investment banks do not indulge in the receiving of deposits; this is left to commercial and retail banks on In the United States, the Volker Rule enforced in 2010 prohibits investment banks from indulging in activities of commercial banks. As an alternative, investment banks focus on trading and promoting of securities for other securities or cash and provision of advice to organizations involved with buying of investment services. These entities include life insurance organizations, unit trusts, private equity funds, mutual funds and hedge funds.

Most investment banks are divided into two – provision of private and public functions and the usage of an information barrier to separate the two. Private investment banking focuses on the private inside information that cannot be accessed by the public. The public sector of investment banking focuses on stock analysis as well as other kinds of services and information that the general public has no access to. In the United States, these advisors on investment banking ought to have been licensed to commence operation and subjected to the regulations stipulated in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

One of the prominent and professional advisors in this field of investment banking is Jim Dondero, Highland Capital’s President and Co-founder. A graduate from the University of Virginia and having a bachelors degree of science in finance and accounting, James has been working in the field of credit markets for more than three decades. He is not only a certified managerial accountant but also completed a financial training program offered by JP Morgan.

Between the years 1985 and 1989, James worked with the American Express and was dealing with the management of fixed income funds in more than $1 billion of assets. He later on worked with Protective Life in the post of chief investment officer from its birth up until they had accumulated more than $2 billion of assets.

James Dondero is currently on the Board of Directors for the American Banknote Corporation as well as Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. He is also the chairman at Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS Medical and NexBank. He has knowledge in the management of mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, investment grade corporate, emerging market debt, preferred and common stocks and leveraged bank loans. He has earned the title of Chartered Financial Analyst. Qualified advisors in investment banking assist small and large companies as well as government agencies with advice on investment.

Yeonmi Park Opens Up About Her Struggles in North Korea

Ms Yeonmi Park, 21, has finally opened up to talk about the horrible life that she and her family had in North Korea before they managed to escape to China. She was 13 back in 2007 when she and her mother managed to flee the country that is rigidly controlled by the state.
As stated in her book In Order to Live, North Korea’s fall started in 1990, when the Soviet Union broke apart leading to Moscow dropping the friendly rates for exports to North Korea. It led to the collapse of North Korea’s economy. As famine struck the country, many citizens passed away due to either lack of food or disease. Many people starved and could not survive the ordeal.
Ms Park narrates that people struggled to get food under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Il. Her family was no exception as they were forced to eat grasshoppers, flowers, and dragonflies due to lack of proper diet.
Yeonmi Park says that her family struggled through these harsh conditions. Eventually, she got used to seeing many dead bodies along the streets. Her father was later to be arrested for the offence of smuggling.
Ms Parks mother convinced a man to traffic them to China. The journey took them through River Yalu and past the guards before getting to the border of China. They finally got to China but as Park narrates, their troubles were not yet over as their supposed rescuer turned out to be a rapist. The man refused to let them go. He held them captive at his home where he raped her mother and later raped her too many times.
Ms Park explains that her first encounter with sex was when she witnessed her mother being raped by the man who then turned on her as well. She says that it was a nightmare to her, as she had not anticipated that sort of thing to happen her.
The two were kept prisoners at the traffickers home for two years before he could release them. All this period the two went through agony and suffering. When the man released them, they were now able to reach Mongolia safely and later flew to South Korea.
Currently, Ms Park lives in New York, but she travels all over the world raising awareness about the harsh conditions in North Korea. Park is now a high-profile activist with a tremendous impact on society. She has met with other high profile personalities like Hillary Clinton. Her book In Order to Live has assisted her a great deal in her pursuit of creating awareness around the world over the suffering of the people of North Korea.
Ms Park’s story was originally published on
Yeonmi Parks Story

Candy Cream Apartment is a Sweet Place To Stay

It is important to book a short-term rental on a reliable website. The booking method makes all the difference between staying in horrible or luxurious conditions. This is why everyone should use WorldEscape when planning a trip to London.

WorldEscape is dedicated to helping guests find a cozy place to stay during their vacation. Guests can rent private rooms in London hostels, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, an entire apartment and full housing units. WorldEscape only allows top-notch properties list on their website. Every rental listed on the website is clean, comfortable and spacious.

It is easy to book a short-term rental on WorldEscape. The search box allows guests to select the location of their choice. The next step is to select the check-in and check-out dates. The final step is to enter the number of guests staying in the rental. World Escape will do a search of rentals that meet the criteria. Guests can then select, reserve and pay for the rental that catches their eye.

The Candy Cream Apartment offers a quiet place to stay during the trip. The River Thames is just a 20-minute walk from the apartment. This is great for guests who want to take a peaceful vacation. Guests can stroll along the river bank, grab a bite to eat or catch a ride on a river boat. Those who enjoy shopping and dining out can find several shops and restaurants within 20-miles of the apartment.

This ground floor apartment features an attractive interior, plenty of space and a range of amenities. The living room features a sofa that converts into a bed for two people, a flat screen television and a dining table that seats up to four. Cooking is always a breeze with the fully-equipped kitchen. The appliances include a refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, toaster and kettle. The kitchen also includes utensils, cabinets and counter space. Guests can relax in the bedroom with a double bed, lamps, wardrobe and large mirror. The bathroom includes a walk-in shower, washbasin and toilet. Guests are provided with toiletries, towels and a hair dryer for grooming. Staying connected is always easy with the Wi-Fi access. Other amenities include a washer, iron, ironing board, hob and extra linen.

Visitors who are looking for a cozy spot with attractive decor should consider the Candy Cream Apartment. It only takes a few minutes to book this sweet London vacation rental with WorldEscape.

Yeonmi Park Tells The World About Her Life In North Korea

The nation of North Korea has been ruled by a small group of people for the last few decades. During this time, many North Koreans have suffered as a result. Those ruling the nation have done very little to help many people living there. In many instances, growing up in North Korea means growing up in a nation where every single movement that someone makes is controlled by others. A native of North Korea will often be told where they must live, where their kids have to attend schools, what they are allowed to wear and where the can go during the day. Any deviation from such rules can easily result in tremendous penalties up to and including imprisonment in one of the nation’s many terrible camps where both ordinary prisoners and political prisoners are held by the state.

Information about this nation has been hard to come by in recent decades. However, some very brave people have taken the chance to escape and had the courage to tell the world about the kind of conditions that exist in this nation. Yeonmi Park. Park grew up and found the courage to leave with her mother. She is one of the very few North Koreans to be able to escape this dreadful nation and tell the world what it is like to live here. Her story has been head by many people around the world who are interested in finding out what life is like in one of the world’s most repressive societies where communism remains in force as a ruling ideology.

Yeonmi Park is one of a very few North Koreans who have been able to leave this part of the world. In doing so, she like a few others, risked almost unbelievable hardship and a journey that involved many steps. Her escape was stuff of spy stories. She and her mother had to spent many months carefully thinking about how to leave this nation without attracting the attention of the authorities. As citizens are forced to spy on each other, this can make it very hard to make such plans. She and her mother had to be as secretive as possible when they were considering how to leave this place. They spent hours very quietly plotting to leave after her father was sent to a prison camp for smuggling.

Her journey involved an arduous trip across both the Yalu River and through into China where they were abused by others along the way. This is common as people across the nation here know that if they manage to get into China, they may be greeted with open arms by the Chinese government or the Chinese people. Leaving North Korea thus involves a series of very dangerous moves that are hard to pull off. By some miracle, Park was able to leave this nation and has now made her ultimate way to United States. She has been hailed as a very brave person for daring to tell her very moving story.

Yeonmi Park’s Struggle To See All People Being Accorded Equal Rights

Yeonmi Park‘s story is touching, and it depicts a young lady who has a strong heart and character. At the tender age of thirteen, she fled the rigidly-controlled North Korea state for a place where she can live with dignity and have hope for a better tomorrow. Different with how many people from different parts of the world know of the North Korea leadership, Park knows it as the cruelest when it comes to letting people have access to fundamental human rights. As a young human rights advocate, Park has traveled many countries of the world preaching the gospel that all humans regardless of their race, skin color, religion affiliation, and any other factor should be accorded equal human rights.

Currently living in New York, she is writing a book titled In Order To Live where she describes her native country’s economic decline to have started in 1990 shortly after the Soviet Union broke apart, and Moscow reduced its friendly rate exports to North Korea. According to, her native country’s economy came to a standstill, and very big number of North Koreans died as a result of hunger and other diseases. The same period would also go into the history books as being one of the worst hunger times.

In the book, she also describes how ordinary citizens struggled to get food and water under King Jong-li dictatorship. Even in the rare event that a family got food, proper ingredients were not available, and she describes a harrowing experience where her family was forced to eat flowers, grasshoppers, dragonflies and all sorts of things.

Just like many other families during the time, Park’s family struggled a lot to survive under the conditions, and she was used to seeing dead bodies on the streets. When her father was arrested for allegedly being involved in illegal metal smuggling, her mother approached a man and persuaded him to traffick them into China. The journey was not an easy one, and it took them over the Yalu River and they had to go past guards so as to reach and get past the Chinese border.

When they reached China, the trafficker attempted to rape her and when her mother protested, he proceeded to rape her instead in front of Park. For lack of a better
place to stay, they were forced to stay in the traffickers and he raped her severally. She remembers that it was through the raping that she was first introduced to sex which remains one of her biggest nightmares up to now.

After a harrowing two years in his house, the trafficker finally let them go, and they were able to reach Mongolia safely and eventually fly to South Korea. Park is now a global speaker on all world events that touch on human rights, and she has managed to raise a lot of awareness on the current human rights situation in North Korea. On its part, the North Korea regime has termed her as a propagandist who is not loyal and should not be taken seriously.

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