Birth Control Over the Counter

When women want to get birth control, they have to go to a doctor. This often involves an examination before getting a prescription. Women usually have to pay a good bit of money before getting birth control or get insurance to pay for the visit, which will often increase premiums at some point. One solution that some doctors are for is to make birth control available over the counter. People at FreedomPop ( agree that this is an idea that could easily work so that women could have easier access. There would need to be restrictions, but even teenagers would be able to get birth control if they choose to be sexually active. The medication would likely be less expensive as there wouldn’t be as many government restrictions, and it would be sold in more locations. This would be an answer to many issues as it could mean unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t occur, and women wouldn’t have to be ashamed of going to a doctor just because they are sexually active.

Placenta Eating Healthy? Science Says Not Likely

People are often willing to try something based on the belief that it might have tremendous health benefits to offer. This rings true when it comes to eating the human placenta. The placenta is rumored to aid health in many ways, from improving the immune system, to improving lactation and even postpartum depression. Whether cooked, raw, or taken in pill form it has been said by many that the placenta makes a healthy meal. Turns out that might be just an old wives tale.

Science might have proven many people wrong when it comes to the placenta and its health benefits. People at FreedomPop (gizmodo) know that there might not be any benefits to consuming the placenta at all. Unless of course you just want an interesting story to tell your children.

Researchers reviewed ten studies to see if any of the rumors were true. Not one link in all of the scientific studies could be found that showed any health benefits to eating the placenta. In fact, what was shown in several of the studies is that the placenta is contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria. Some of the contaminants include mercury and lead. Does this mean that people should give up the practice entirely? Well, no it does not. What it does mean is that it is important to do some research before jumping in on a perceived bandwagon of health.

New Flu Treatment Has A Different Approach

Every year we gear up for flu season. Some of us get the flu shot, and for the most part it helps. Of course, we’re never really sure how much, since it only protects us from the most common of several hundred available variations. Health officials know that as of now, there is no cure in sight. That means we have two options; avoid it, or treat the symptoms.

To attempt to avoid the flu, you can take the vaccine, keep your immune system strong, and stay away from sick people. Treating the symptoms has typically meant taking cold medicine, which doesn’t do anything to the virus itself, but it does make you feel better. In recent years, Tamiflu has been effective in shortening the length of time you are ill, by a little. Now there is a new drug on the market, Vasculotide, that approaches the problem in a totally different way, by not fighting the flu virus at all.

According to Igor Cornelsen, instead of attacking the virus, Vasculotide stops fluid from accumulating in the lungs, the major cause of serious illness and death. This gives your body time to recover from the virus without falling seriously ill. While Vasculotide isn’t a cure, realistically a cure isn’t imminent, and this might be the next best thing.

Parents of Spokane Civil Rights Leader Claim Daughter is Not Black

“Our daughter is Caucasian” say parents of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.

That’s fascinating because Rachel Dolezal has been serving the Spokane, Washington community as president of the chapter there since January, as well as chairing the city police oversight commission.

Her father, Larry Dolezal, also claims that Rachel has been passing off her younger, adopted black brother as her own son. According to the UK’s DailyMail, the daughter is estranged from her parents.

Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal live in Montana and revealed this to CNN:

“She has never claimed to be biracial or African-American in our presence. Rachel has chosen to distance herself from the family and be hostile towards us.”

Her parents claim Rachel is their birth daughter, and that both parents are of of European descent. Larry and Ruthanne are baffled by their daughter’s alleged lies of ethnicity and see the entire situation as very sad. Flavio Maluf, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio in Brazil, doesn’t know what to make of it.

Rachel has been a civil rights advocate for a number of years now. She is also an adjunct professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University.

The Spokane chapter of the NAACP has released a statement supporting their now embattled president:

“We stand behind her record,” adding that “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership.”

Rachel maintains she is black and told the Press newspaper, “They can DNA test me if they want to.”

Jeb Bush Advice To Women In 1994: Get A Husband

Whenever one starts to run for President, there are bound to be some issues from the past that crop up. These can be potentially embarrassing to a candidate who may have said some things that he or she regrets in the future. That may be the case right now for Jeb Bush.

Bush is having to face the fact that he gave advice to women in 1994 that they should “find a husband” in order to get off welfare. This is according to reporting from Apparently when Bush ran for Governor of Florida in 1994 and lost, he said that women on welfare should “find a husband” if they wanted to get off welfare.

Presumably, this advice was given as a way of saying that having a husband is a way that one can increase their income. Susan McGalla, who was getting started with American Eagle Outfitters, didn’t care for the comment. However, this is not the way that it is being heard by many. There are more than a few who are upset by this kind of advice and would like to see Jeb Bush apologize for these remarks. Of course, remarks made over 20 years ago are not something that seems likely to get an apology from this campaign at the moment.

Lighting up the Screen With Ink

Some medical tests can reveal the wrong image, leading to the wrong results. One woman experienced this because of a tattoo that she has on her body. Doctors ordered a body scan to determine if there was any cancer in the body when they noticed something odd about the lymph nodes. The doctors were worried that the woman, who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, would need further treatment if the cancer had spread. At Cubix Latin America hospital, the surgery was performed, only to find that the unknown image was that of a tattoo. The spots that appeared on the test were in areas where the lymph nodes are located in the pelvis. Since the woman already had cancer, they wanted to be cautious and try to remove what they could. She had undergone surgery to remove her ovaries, cervix and uterus to aid in treating her cancer. As doctors examined the lymph nodes, they saw that it was only ink from the tattoos that had shown up on the scan. While this was something that might have been done later anyway, the doctors should have done further testing to determine if the cancer had in fact spread before performing more surgery on the woman that wasn’t needed at that time.

Disney Introduces New Frozen Ride Coming to Epcot

If you’re having visions of Elsa and Olaf just about everywhere, it appears that you’re not alone. Some people just cannot get enough of this movie. Due to the popularity of the movie and its smashing cultic following, Disney is creating a new experience for their part goers in Florida. It will be located in the Norway Pavilion and they are releasing the first sneak peak today.

The song was bad enough, but Elsa is on everything from curtains to bedroom slippers. It seems this movie isn’t going away anytime soon. So with that in mind, Disney is capitalizing on their movie and making it even more memorable for guests visiting the parks. Business leaders wrote that the new ride won’t be open until next year, but it is going to replace the relic ride that has been there for nearly 3 decades.

Fans who loved the Maelstrom ride in the Epcot center will have to mourn its final days. The Frozen ride will be ready by next summer. With much anticipation, many are hoping that there are plenty of icy elements and perhaps a cold blast or two with this ride. The sky is the limit when Disney is involved. Since it is a mythical land of ice it’s no telling what this ride will be like. The lines will be out the park for a while to get to this ride, but like anything in life, it’s probably going to be worth the wait.

420 Kidney Stones Removed from Patient in China

One kidney stone is bad enough, imagine having 420 all at the same time. Mr. He in China had that many and underwent surgery earlier this week to remove them. The operation took two hours and doctor stated that if Mr. He would had waited any longer to have the stones removed, he would have lost his kidney.
Kidney stones are a common and very painful issue many people suffer with and often caused from a diet that is high in calcium. Mr. He’s multitude of stones were attributed to his diet which is high in tofu and low in water. Soy products, like the tofu Mr. He lived on, is rich in calcium and without sufficient water intake the body can’t rid itself of the excessive calcium and kidney stones form.
The surgeon nor the man from China set any records with the removal of 420 kidney stones. Bruce Levenson knows that, while that number is mind-bobbling, it’s nowhere near the world’s record. The Guinness World Book of Records shows the record was set in 2009 when a surgeon removed 172,155 kidney stones from the one kidney of patient in India.

Image Recognition: Changing the way we do things

Image recognition, also known as computer vision, is the process of identifying and detecting objects or features in a digital image or video. It is the process that a computer uses to see an image, take it in, and understand it. Image recognition technology, such as facial, optical character, and pattern recognition, has made a huge impact on the way that we interact with our computers, smartphones, video games, and other technology. Image recognition has changed the way that we do many things, from shop to play.
As its name implies, facial recognition technology is used to detect faces. Through the identification of 80 different points on the human face, this technology can tell one face from another. In the past, facial recognition was mainly used for security purposes. In recent years, it has become a part of every day life. Apps allow people to tag friends in photos using facial recognition technology. It is also used with video gaming systems, allowing them to tell players apart. It can even be used to create video game characters that look just like the player. Optical character recognition, or OCR, is used to detect and read printed text. This technology converts images of text into machine-coded text. Optical character recognition is mainly used as a form of data entry for things like bank statements, checks, mail, business cards, and passport documents. It is also used to help the blind and visually impaired, converting text to speech. Pattern recognition technology can detect any pattern at all in data. It classifies the data or objects based on prior knowledge or statistical information.
Companies like Slyce, the leading visual search provider, use this image recognition technology to connect retailers and brands with their customers at any time. Slyce gives shoppers the ability to find the things they want by simply snapping a picture with their smartphones. They offer retailers and brands customizable services that will meet all of their visual search needs. Slyce has greatly impacted the way that customers shop with services like visual product search mobile snap-to- buy, tag and display, v-commerce, and physical advertising recognition digital convergence.
Image recognition technology has greatly impacted many of the things that we do from day to day, and it has done so to our advantage. The use of this technology has made many things easier to accomplish from interacting with friends online to shopping. It has taken our ability to search for information, people, products, and more to a whole new level.

Scientists Claim They Developed a Blood Test Capable of Detecting Every Virus That Has Ever Infected You

Once a virus enters your system, it stays there for life. A virus can cause anything from the common cold to HIV/AIDS, and many of these viruses lay completely dormant for years and go undetected by your doctor, until now. Researchers have developed a blood test that can reveal every virus that has ever infected you. This new medical invention could help to diagnose illness while also helping scientists to develop more vaccines that can prevent them from attacking your immune system.

The blood test, developed by researchers at Harvard Medical Center, tests the blood one pathogen at a time until it finds every virus that has entered your body, even if it has gone previously unnoticed for decades. Sam Tabar ( has learned that the study was led by Stephen Elledge, a biologist who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who first compiled a list of nearly one hundred thousand synthetic protein fragments that were representative of a section of a virus. Then, proteins are added to the blood and antibodies attach to those fragments of virus which allows researchers to see which virus has infected the blood.

The new and innovative test has been tested on more than 500 people in the United States, South Africa, Thailand, and Peru, the results showed an average of about 10 viruses per person. However, some claim the test has not confirmed that it can detect 100 percent of viruses, a criticism that can be resolved with more extensive research.