North American Spine Nominated for Dallas Ethics Award

North American Spine has been cited for its mission to help others while advancing healthcare as key factors for its nomination for the 2015 Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award (GDBEA). The award honors businesses that use their core values to drive their business actions.

Businesses are also nominated because their work reflects positive and ethical values of the local Dallas business community. Companies that operate in the this manner exemplify what it means to do the right thing for their business and individuals who have a stake in its operation.

Best known for its exclusive AccuraScope┬« procedure, North American Spine is committed to helping patients with chronic back and neck pain by connecting them with board-certified physicians. AccuraScope┬« is a minimally invasive outpatient procedures that offers benefits beyond traditional spinal surgery. Advanced diagnostics such as interoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) help the procedure’s accuracy and can further promote patient outcomes.

Two published university and clinical research medical studies have confirmed that the AccuraScope┬« procedure has an average success rate of 82 percent for patients who have not achieved pain relief through non-surgical treatments or other spinal surgeries. Those studies, along with patient testimonials, indicate that more than 95 percent of North American Spine’s patients would recommend the company to others. The company’s success stories include country music singer and songwriter Larry Gatlin who found relief from 47 years of chronic leg pain.

Southern Methodist University’s Cary M. Maguire for Ethics and Public Responsibility and the Financial Planning Association of Dallas/Fort Worth are two of annual nominating organizations.