ClassDojo Promotes Positive Behavior

ClassDojo is a tool that is used by teachers across the country. It is a tool that was designed with the teachers and the students in mind but it has morphed into something much more that allows every aspect of the child’s education and the positive environment that they are in to be incorporated to each of the daily goings on in the classroom. This is a blessing for teachers and something fun that the students can participate in and enjoy on a regular basis when they are in school. It is an app designed to make things more fun for teachers as well as students.


Teachers who use the app can set it up to fit perfectly with their classroom. They can make sure that they have all of their students in the classroom and they can do this through the various things that the app offers. They can see how their students are doing and even can put their progress into easy to understand charts. This makes it the nearly perfect tool for any classroom in the world and for teachers to be able to use it to their advantage no matter what age or grade they teach in school.


Even students as old as high school students are able to enjoy the ClassDojo. They know that they are able to get the most out of the app by doing well in the classroom. This does not necessarily mean that they need to get good grades but it means that they need to have a positive attitude when they are in the classroom. They need to do their best and they will earn points that they can then trade into their teachers for real-life rewards. These rewards give them the motivation to continue working toward being better with their attitudes.


If students and teachers can benefit from the app, parents can do so even more. Parents are able to see what their children do each day while they are in the classroom which can be a lifesaver for parents of elementary children who never give a clear answer on the way that their day went while they were in school. Parents are able to get a feel for what the day was like for their child without ever having to step foot inside the classroom. It is actually good to help people so that they don’t have to do conferences.

The Success Of Sweetgreen Starts With Nathaniel Ru

The dining scene today has become increasingly crowded. Diners are lucky to find many possible dining options for them to pick from. Many people today are looking for a specific kind of eating experience, one that allows them to eat good food that is also filling and filled with nutrients. Today’s diner is also someone who wants such food and wants to have on hand fast. Fast casual dining is perhaps the fastest growing section of the dining market. One entrepreneur who has learned this lesson well is Nathaniel Ru. He has been able to create a company that is all about delivering on the potential promise that is the dining world today. With the founding of Sweetgreen, he has only seen his work in this field expand into new markets. The Sweetgreen experience is all about the delivering on the promise of fresh, fast food in a congenial setting that invites people to savor their lunch.


Something Very Special

Under his leadership, the chain began nearly ten years ago in Washington, D.C. Since that time, he has seen the chain continue enjoy vast growth. Today, there are more than forty sites where people can enjoy a Sweetgreen salad and get a lunch that is satisfying, healthy and under budget. Their sites include New York City as well as California. More are planned for several other cities in the coming years including Chicago as well as Boston. Diners can pick out greens that have been harvested in the most eco-friendly way as well as place toppings on the salads that allow them bring additional flavors to the table that help offer the protein they need to complement their overall lunch choices


A Vision

Ru, the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Operating Officer of the company, comes to the world o restaurants as someone who loves dining out. His own career has taken him many places in the last years. His specific concentration has been all about helping to see Sweetgreen expanding into new markets. He has also been instrumental in helping making sure that all the items used in the salads served here are based on sound growing principles. With his vision, clients are treated to sense of openness and modernity the second they walk inside any site. He knows that helping people feel good about what they eat is one of his missions in life and one that knows truly works.

Finding Your Favorite EOS lip balm Flavors

EOS lip balm is one of most popular newer brands of lip balms. Their lip balms are of higher quality than older brands that were just petroleum jelly based and would wear off quickly and easily. Comparatively, EOS lip balm is much higher quality and made of higher quality all natural ingredients and therefore provides for a smoother application that lasts longer and does not dry out your lips.

One of the big benefits of using EOS lip balms is that their flavors are all natural and subtle. All too often lip balms use flavors that are too powerful and taste fake and are too strong. Nobody wants to apply an artificial flavor to their lips many times a day, but that is what you get with other brands of lip balm.

EOS lip balms come in a variety of different flavors which can help to satisfy any person’s tastes. Fruit flavors, mint concoctions, and even plain varieties are available so that you can select the flavor that is just right for your needs. To see a full list of the types of lip balm flavors that EOS has for sale you can visit Walmart or their website here.

A better option for finding the right EOS lip balm flavor is to select one of their multi packs which provide some exposure to a wide range of flavors. eBay and has a listing of them available. One we tried and loved is this pack which has both fruit and mint flavors included in it.

Among all of the flavor options, our favorite was the Sweet Mint. We have found that other brand’s peppermint options dried out our lips, but not EOS’ Sweet Mint flavor. It was soothing and enjoyable to apply and is now our go to lip balm. Some of the other fruit flavors including the Blueberry Acai and Summer Fruit also were smooth and enjoyable and not at all overbearing to apply.

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IAP Worldwide Develops Air Traffic Control System in Afghanistan

Readiness Management Support, popularly known as RMS is a special division of IAP Worldwide Services, and it is based in Panama City. Just recently, RMS played a crucial role in the creation of an air traffic control system for Afghanistan. The system was developed in support of a program known as Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Kabul Air Control Center was officially opened this year on July 12. The center is expected to offer positive control; visual flight rules services on, non-radar and radio-based instruments flight rule services around the Kabul Flight Information Region.

Currently, RMS acts as the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program contractor. At this position, RMS was allowed to partner with the United States Air Force and other designated subcontractors from AFCAP. Thanks to the partnership of IAP Worldwide, the organizations were able to achieve several objectives such as: successfully design the new airways, staff the AFCAP air traffic controllers, maintain, deliver and install equipment meant for radio coverage on the airways and also offer final flight checks for the instrument flight rule services.

Two subcontractors from RMS, known as ManTech Telecommunications and Midwest ATC Services are believed to have played a predominant role in the whole project. Currently, Midwest ATC Services is considered to offer air traffic controllers while the other subcontractor, Man Tech Telecommunication offers procurement, communication system design and the installation at the four primary remote locations in Afghanistan.

According to Al Neffgen, the current CEO of IAP worldwide, the international company has earned the respect of many for having a track record when it comes to mission success and in meeting the contingency and emergency requirements the United States Military. Neffgen says that his company always ensures that it employs very talented employees who have the flexibility and capability of handling any challenge that comes their way, even in extremely hostile circumstances.

Today, employees working for AFCAP and RMS continue to work hard with the help of the Afghan civilian workers to ensure that the FIR in Kabul is controlled adequately controlled. The RMS team is very proud to work with Afghanistan’s, even under the demanding conditions.

IAP Worldwide Services has been in the market for more than sixty years, offering international clients with a broad range of services. The company offers its project and program management services in the Middle East, the United States and any other nation around the globe. Even when given a short notice, IAP Worldwide Services is always prepared to handle the challenging situations. The needs of the customers are given the priority.

Gooee Smart Lighting Makes Businesses More Efficient

Every business that has Gooee smart lighting has made a choice that goes much farther than just hanging lights in every room. The Gooee smart lighting is perfect for businesses because it comes in its own fixtures that will contain the lights and use sensors to adjust to the room. This is not a program so much as it is the perfect way to make the light in the room look good. Someone might not have a chance to make their lights the right level all the time because they are so busy, but they can be used in any room no matter how much light it needs.

Smart lighting is something that is all wired together so that it can function as a single unit, and it gives people in a house or an office a chance to go to the keypad to get anything fixed at any time. That means that someone can change the light level if they need to, or they can change one of the programs if they need to. The panel will have space for a lot of programs, and they can be changed in an instant. This is a very good option for someone who is trying to make sure that they can keep the lighting in the building looking the right way, and these same people need to make sure that they have trained everyone in the building how to use the keypad. Everyone who needs better lighting needs to go with Gooee smart lighting.

Hippeas Shooting For Authenticity

bags of hippeas livio bisterzo


Livio Bisterzo is changing the world one snack at a time. Well, at least that’s what he is trying to do. The founder of Green Park Holdings is taking on the giants of the snacking industry with his new release called Hippeas.


He is hoping that the snack has the Bernie Sanders effect. Sanders attracted more young voters than any other presidential candidate combined during the primaries. He did so because young people saw his authenticity. In their eyes, he didn’t just talk the talk, he also walked the walk.


Authenticity, Livio Bisterzo is betting, is exactly what socially conscious and young consumers are looking for. And there is nothing more authentic than his new snack, Hippeas.


It’s a delicious snack for everyone. It is only 100 calories for those looking after their weight. The snacks are made completely from chickpeas, making them vegan. The snacks are completely kosher for those pursuing that dietary restriction. They have no MSG and they are completely organic. On top of all that, they make everyone happy because they are simply delicious. They come in a variety of flavors, including Pepper Power, In Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, and Sweet and Smoking.


But the authenticity really lies in just how beneficial the snacks are for planet Earth. The environmentally conscious consumer can sleep well at night purchasing the snacks because the chickpea makes the soil in which it grows more fertile. It does this by giving the soil more nitrogen as a byproduct of growth. And nitrogen is one of the key nutrients for further plant growth.


The company also gives proceeds to Farm Africa. The organization travels to sub-Saharan Africa in order to educate farmers in an effort to pull those farmers out of poverty. And in the vein of sustainability, they teach those farmers exactly how to effectively grow more chickpeas. And the education doesn’t stop there. They also tutor the farmers on the business side of agriculture in order to streamline their business.


Livio Bisterzo has a long history in business. The Italian entrepreneur lives in Los Angeles with his three children in order to run Green Park Holdings. He studied in London at the prestigious University of the arts and he opened his first business just after graduation in 2003. He has had a string of success, taking separate businesses into dozens of other countries. Now he looks to do the same with Hippeas.

Make Your Chapped Lips Smooth

There’s nothing worse than having dried crack lips and all of the sorts of problems that they can bring. Smooth lips don’t only look better, they feel better as well. If you want to keep your lips smooth and free of chafes you’re going to need lip balm to clear things up. The waxy substance covers your dry chapped lips and allows them to heal over. Unfortunately many lip balms use artificial ingredients that may cause harm to your lips over time. Evolution of Smooth, one of the most popular brands of lip balm, only uses natural ingredients. There aren’t any harmful synthetic chemicals for you to worry about.
Relying on natural ingredients gives Evolution of Smooth lip balm an advantage over it’s competition in so many ways. When you use EOS lip balm you’re getting what nature has intended for you, including vital nutrients.

EOS lip balm contains vitamin E and shea butter to keep your lips supple and moist all day. EOS lip balm uses many flavors as well. You can find sweet mint flavored lip balm, pomegranate raspberry, and so many more flavors. Natural and healthy, Evolution Of Smooth gives your chapped lips all the care that they need. EOS lip balm products are available on local retailers including Walmart and online merchants like

Securus Technologies – Opening Lines Of Communication

Securus Technologies is the leading communications company responsible for the communication effort among correctional facilities throughout the United States. They have recently announced that they will be holding a free seven day phone per inmate. This will allow one free phone call, per day, per inmate in the Louisiana area due to the tragedy of the recent flooding. Securus Technologies is excited to announce the help and also hopes to help others out in the process. They have donated $50,000 to the funds to help those who are struggling with the flooding incident. They are allowing free phone calls up until September 7th and are estimating that approximately 250,000 phone calls will be made in the area. They believe that communication is essential and hope that it helps alleviate the stress and anxiety that the community is experiencing. They are guessing that the estimated value of the calls to be made will be around $300,000.


In conjunction with providing this service to the inmates, they are dedicated to providing such services to the community and hope to continue to do so in the future. They have been in the communications market for many years, offering many different types of services to inmates and their loved ones. They are responsible for handling over 3450 correctional facilities and public offices as well as over one million inmates. They understand that these times have become quite stressful and they hope that they can help alleviate the worry and open the lines of communication. Securus Technologies is stationed in Dallas, Texas where the offer the most advanced type of secure equipment along with many different types of plans that are suitable to meet the specific individual’s needs. They are always focused on connecting what matters, and providing excellent services to the facilities is their focus.



IAP Worldwide Is Committed To Providing The Best Services In The Industry

IAP is a global logistics facility management group that employees over two thousand people in over twenty-five countries. IAP manages military facilities and research laboratories that are in remote areas of the world.Their reputation for reliability and responsiveness has been cultivated for over sixty years. IAP Worldwide strives to solve problems so that no one else will have to. They are ready to take action day or night and address issues that arise immediately.

IAP Worldwide offers a variety of services that cover just about every aspect of facility management. Some of the solutions that they offer include:

Aviation Engineering- IAP gives complete logistics and management including repairs and communications.

IT Communications- IAP provides top quality technical products and systems.

Power Generation- IAP provides power for facilities with green technology.

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Infrastructure Planning- IAP provides

The beginning of IAP started with Pan Am World Services forty-five years ago. They blazed their trail in the field of facilities management through efforts such as airport planning and engineering service. Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls. When the two merged, they became Johnson Controls Services Worldwide Inc. which propelled them to the forefront of facilities management and security systems. They partnered with the United States military and now are known as IAP.

IAP Worldwide works with our troops in locations all over the world including Saudi Arabia and provides generator power so that they can perform their daily mission requirements. They also provide air traffic control systems for our military in Afghanistan. Wherever our troops or government need support IAP is there to provide the very best services and systems available. They provide solutions to most management issues and supply remote areas of the globe with the very best personnel. IAP is committed to employing the most qualified professionals that are available. They provide the training and manpower to cover all aspects of service that are available.

IAP Worldwide is committed to providing the best products and services to our clients around the clock,every day of the year. They are constantly improving and evaluating their performance so that there are no gaps in service or issues with reliability.

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New York Shared Office Space Can Help To Increase Job Satisfaction


Co-working spaces are places that are designed for people to work together, even if they are not part of the same company. People pay a fee to get into the co-working space, and while they are there they have access to a facility to work in with others. People that are freelancers and those working with companies can utilize co-working spaces. These spaces are located throughout different parts of the country, and they all have very different amenities and features. Some are set up somewhat like traditional offices, but there are others that are designed to create an exceptionally pleasant work environment.

When people work in co-working spaces, they seem to be quite productive and satisfied with the work they do. In fact, it even looks like co-working spaces lead to better job satisfaction than ordinary office buildings. It appears that different factors may be leading to this. One reason is the lack of the ordinary office politics. Additionally, the workers in co-working spaces are not all doing the same type of work. This means that people will frequently talk with others in the co-working spaces about the work that they do. The discussions about their work helps them to form a more solid work identity.
There also is a document that was designed for those at co-working spaces. This document details the mission of such places. It is quite an inspirational document for those at co-working spaces, and this likely helps to increase productivity and work satisfaction of those using these spaces. Additionally, co-working spaces are quite easy to access. In fact, many of them are open all of the time. This makes it possible for people to set their own hours, which likely helps to increase productivity and satisfaction.

Workville New York shared office space is designed to create a very pleasant place to work. They offer a cafe, free coffee, terraces, and a variety of different working spaces to choose from. There are private offices that you can rent at the facility, but there are also shared spaces that can allow people to work directly together. The internet service there is also known for running very quickly and smoothly. Workville NYC is quite a popular co-working space, and it’s popularity is likely to continue to grow as more people become aware of co-working spaces. The prices of Workville NYC are also quite affordable.