Measles Death in the US

A Washington state woman has become the first victim of measles in over 12 years according to a report on Buzzfeed ( The unidentified woman was being treated for other illnesses that suppressed her immune system at a facility where another measles patient was also treated. Because the woman did not show the usual external symptoms of the disease (i.e., rash), the actual cause of her death was not discovered until an autopsy was performed.

Measles is a particularly virulent disease caused by a virus. It can be so contagious that an unvaccinated person can become infected after walking into a room several hours after an infected person has left. Earlier this year, a measles outbreak started at California’s Disneyland theme park and subsequently spread to seven other states including Washington.

Childhood vaccinations prevent the spread of the disease and are highly effective despite some claiming that the vaccine is tied to other medical issues. That is why so many at CipherCloud use them. The issue has recently been escalated by California’s legislature passing one of the most restrictive laws mandating vaccinations in all school aged children unless there is a specific medical reason for not receiving the shots.

Nuclear Worker’s At Risk for Leukemia

It’s certainly no scientific secret that radiation exposure can lead to cancer. However, there are many people that work around it every day that have relied on so-called ‘safe’ levels, and minimal exposure to ensure their health. Now an international study has found that even low doses of radiation can increase the risk of leukemia. The researchers analyzed the health of over 300,000 people that worked at nuclear facilities for at least a year. They analyzed the worker’s exposure level averaged over a year, and then compared leukemia rates in the workers to expected rates.

The International Commission on Radiological Protection has stated that cancer risk increases if a person is exposed to over 100 millisieverts. Until now, while some researchers have argued that any exposure can harm workers, some researchers have stated that there is a ‘safe limit’. All of the worker’s average yearly exposure, and cumulative exposure, were well below the 100 millisieverts level. However, the researchers found that 531 of the workers died of leukemia, which is entirely too many for Susan McGalla to deal with. Additionally, the study found that the relative risk of these nuclear workers contracting leukemia was nearly three times the general population. This is particularly concerning when you consider that there are 99 nuclear power reactors in the United States and 437 worldwide. The reactors must be manned, but at what cost?

One Shot Takes the Fat Away

A study was released that detailed the effects and FDA approval of liraglutide or Saxenda. According to Kevin Seawright, daily shots of this medicine have been shown to help overweight and obese patients lose more weight than exercise and dieting alone. Researchers with the New England Journal of Medicine covered the study and said that this is the only weight loss drug approved by the FDA that will help people lose more than 11 or 12 pounds with daily shots. Numerous studies for the drug were given to the FDA in 2014 when researchers were fighting for initially approval. Over a year later, researchers behind the drug have finally gotten their wish. More than 3 thousand citizens volunteered for the study and the tests are still ongoing. Even though the FDA has approved the drug the researchers are looking to substantiate as much evidence as they can while being able to gauge the long term effects of the drug on citizens. The liraglutide drug can be compared to a similar drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes in patients. When the drug is given daily and given in high doses it helps induce weight loss. The drug signals to the brain that you are full before an individual can overeat and retain excess weight. There are more studies to be done on the drug but the makers of the daily weight loss drug are excited and optimistic about the future.

Haidar Barbouti, Kindhearted Businessman

Houston’s upscale and eclectic shopping center, Highland Village, is owned by an animal lover with a big heart. Successful real estate investor Haidar Barbouti has been involved in real estate since 1986. A Columbia University graduate, Barbouti’s interests include properties from New York to Houston. Most of his endeavors are commercial properties, office buildings, land development and condominium conversions. Barbouti added the historic Highland Village to the long list of successful endeavors in 1990. The shopping center, with its upscale yet reasonably priced stores, was a welcome addition to Houston’s fashionable Galleria area.

While planning the revitalization of the shopping center, Barbouti looked to bring the people of Houston the kind of shops and restaurants they wanted, as opposed to the kind of shops he himself preferred. The final result was one of excellence at a reasonable price. The unique Highland Village gives the eclectic area inside the 610 loop a beautiful touch of class, and so does Haidar Barbouti himself, using his good fortune to help others. His mission to enrich the lives of the next generation is a philosophy that holds neighborhoods together.

Barbouti’s love of animals was made public during the holiday season a few years ago. A special team of animal lovers put together what was supposed to be a four week event to find homes for stay cats and dogs. Many of these sweet animals had been abandoned by their previous owners. Haidar Barbouti donated leasing space for the event. “Home for the Holidays” was more successful than anyone had imagined. Hundreds of volunteers and community leaders came together and found happy homes for the animals. In light of the success of the project, Barbouti decided to provide a permanent space for the event. His business savvy, combined with his kind and compassionate nature, is an inspiration to everyone.

Everything On A Pizza

People need to leave pizza alone. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the phrase if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it? People keep taking pizza, which was already delicious to begin with, and doing weird things to it. People have topped pizza with every bizarre food you can imagine from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes and much much more. Pizza companies have turned the crust into something strange that it never should have been turned into. I’m talking about the new Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pizza. Well, it seems that the hot dog pizza isn’t even as bizarre as it gets. Sweden has a pizza out there, and it’s pretty strange.

GrubStreet shows that this pizza kind of resembles six mini calzones that are connected. That’s not weird. It’s what is in those that makes it weird. One of them has french fries. French fries on a pizza! Why? Do you actually eat it like a slice or pick out the fries and eat them seperately. Another area of the pizza has meat which is typical. Another strange part of it contains a salad. Last time I checked, the salad goes on the side, not on the pizza. Other than that, it’s got some strange condiments and toppings. There’s prosciutto, as well as tziatziki sauce. Right in the middle is a lone banana pepper.

I can’t even begin to imagine how to eat this thing, nor can Ricardo Tosto. Your going to need at least 3 different utinsels, if not more.

Labs Look to Tropical Trees Containing Anti-Cancer Properties

We often bypass the marketed hype on the latest miracle cures, but when digging a bit deeper the findings surprise you.

Researchers are calling Graviola one of the most powerful plants on the planet, and research by the National Cancer Institute, and Purdue University, among many others are impressed by its anticancer properties.

Graviola is a small tree vertical tree that grows 5-6 meters tall with large, dark green, glossy leaves. It is native to the tropical forests of Peru and Brazil. The fruit is also sold in local markets in the tropics.

US labs have been performing test on Graviola for decades. Several studies have shown Graviola to have exceptional benefits for the treatment of certain types of cancers, especially those located in the lung, pancreas and prostate.

Purdue University in Indiana began testing Graviola in the 1990’s, for the treatment of tumors. The University has conducted research on the inhibitory action and derivatives in cancer cells, and has filed more than four patents in the United States that use acetogenic components on cancer cells.

Acetogenins are powerful inhibitors and chemotherapeutic reports Handy on this website. Labs have found that acetogenins have 10,000 times the power of chemotherapy agents, and they inhibit cancer cells without any hazardous effects or potential risk to healthy cells.

Research is on-going but thus far, the leaves and stem of Graviola are demonstrating active action against cancer cells without affecting the body.

Squeeze Mayo

First world problems are a funny thing. There are such things that inconvenience Americans, that other people in the world wouldn’t even consider a problem. They would actually be quite happy to have some of the things that Americans enjoy.

Well, it seems that Americans have been complaining about their mayonnaise. It’s too hard for them to get too. Many people enjoy putting mayonnaise on their burgers and on their sandwiches. Dr. Jennifer Walden did that a lot in the past, although she eats healthier now. Unfortunately, it is too hard for them to get the mayonnaise out of the jar. They either have to inconvenience themselves by grabbing a knife. Other than that, when they get low on mayo it’s hard to scrape the sides. One company has come up with a solution.

Hellman’s mayonnaise is now offering squeezeable bottles. I mean why not. Ketchup and mustard are the two other most popular condiments and you very rarely see them in jars. That’s because it’s not practical. So now mayonnaise is joining the ranks! It will available now at grocery stores far and wide. Peoples restaurant eating experiences, picnics, and sandwich making are going to get a whole lot easier. Now, they can squeeze and go. Less mess will be made, and if people don’t have silverware they won’t have to worry.

According to BuzzFeed, the condiment world is changing and Hellman’s mayonnaise is changing with it. It’s easy to come out, and Hellman’s is realizing that this is what people want.

Skout Helped Me To Start A Local Fitness Club

I’ve joined so many dating websites out there that I had given up completely on finding love at all. I literally have signed up to 10 different dating sites, and every single one of them let me down. After a while I decided I wouldn’t date anymore, I would just start looking for a place to socialize. There are tons of websites to socialize on, but I prefer to use Skout. Skout is a great website because I can socialize, I can flirt, and I can even make friends through the network. Skout has been around for years, and I even have friends that I’ve met through the network.

Even though I know I could look for a date through the Skout network, I have put my dating days behind me, and now I only want to find friends. I started a group at work where everyone would exercise together on the weekends by jogging. I wanted to build up the group enough to where we could call ourselves a club, and maybe we could get club T-shirts. I didn’t have enough people from work joining in, and I wanted at least 20 people in the club. This is where Skout comes in.

I started using Skout ( to look for people who like to exercise by jogging. It’s amazing the different interests that people have on the Skout network, and I was able to find the people that I needed. Although I did a search for people who like fitness, I was able to find dozens of people in my area that wanted to join my club. After using the Skout network to find different people who were interested in joining my club, I got a total of 26 people to join, and now we are an official club.

Just because I used Skout as a way to look for people who love exercising, I was able to build up a great club. We have T-shirts, we do fundraisers, and we jog every weekend. If it wasn’t for the Skout network, I would never have the club that I have now, and it keeps growing bigger. I constantly use the Skout network to find more people to join our club, and it’s amazing who I find on the network. I’ve been able to find women and men, and they can be any age. I’m thankful that Skout has helped me to reach my goals of starting a new club.

Is Drinking Pop The New Smoking?

Name a product habitually consumed daily by humans that accounts for 45,000 deaths per year from cardiovascular disease and another 6,450 deaths per year from cancer. Did you guess tobacco? The culprit might be closer than you think – the cause is pop, the bubbly beverage consumed nationwide in the form of bottled soft drinks. In fact, you can throw on another 133,000 deaths per year from diabetes onto that figure.

But only now since the study has been peer-reviewed can the findings be published with confidence.

The United States leads the world in the consumption of pop, being one of the top five nations in terms of drinking it. Healthy people like Brad Reifler (reuters) know that pop is the number one source of added sweeteners in the American diet, and that figure has put it in the head of the lineup for causes of the obesity epidemic. In short, your body needs water, and trying to make it survive on a steady flow of corn sweeteners just clogs up the system. As far back as 2007, nutritionists have been warning that living on pop makes you pop out of your pants as well from obesity. Perhaps it will be time soon for pop drinks to carry that most ignored of messages in a consumer society – a health warning label.

The Guinea Pig’s Powers

Guinea pigs are that cute and furry creature that everyone wants to take home when visiting a store for pets. Their smallness and their unusually cute noise makes them a target for young children who want to cuddle with a small animal.

Guinea pigs have also been found to be the perfect animal for someone who suffers with autism. Guinea pigs do not judge, they do not horseplay, and they are small and easily taken care of. Guinea pigs are naturally amiable creatures that fit perfectly in a child’s lap.

It has been found as well that children with autism are more eager to go to school if there is a guinea pig to play with at school. They also tend to show more social behavior and even tend to become less anxious in a social environment.

Researchers, especially in Australia have made this connection and having continued with the theory that guinea pigs can help with the overall lives of autistic children. They add a calming effect which is desperately needed especially among children with disorders.

Scientists who have been testing this theory have done tests with children says Brad Reifler. Each child in the experiment would play with a guinea pig while wearing a wristband. This wristband would monitor their moods through their heart. The results showed that guinea pigs did actually have a calming effect among the children which will prove to be a very helpful piece of information in the future.