Why CipherCloud is a Leading Internet Security Company in the World

CipherCloud is an internet security company whose headquarters are in San Jose, California. It implements the adoption of cloud based services while at the same time ensuring the security of the users, compliance and control. The company renders its services through the protection of confidential and sensitive cloud data in Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Force.com, Chatter and other cloud based services. It also runs Connect AnyApp, which allows its users to simply specify the fields they want on web pages to be encrypted ensuring protection of data formats and operations.

The CEO and chairman of CipherCloud is Pravin Kothari. He founded the company in the year 2010, having previously co-founded ArcSight; another cyber security company, in the year 2000. He, together with a team made up of Varun Badhwar, who previously worked for Salesforce.com, among others, built the company and launched it in February 2011. In December 2012, the company opened its Europe headquarters in London, England and added an Australian headquarters the following year.

In February, 2013, the company joined Box Inc.; an online file-sharing and cloud information management service, merging its encryption services into file-sharing and hosting services. CipherCloud then acquired CloudUp Networks creating a software that enabled the user to track data as it moved throughout the cloud environment, therefore restricting it from leaving the cloud environment without authorization.

The company provides cloud based information protection solutions for organizations and enterprises for encrypting their sensitive information, then storing that information in the cloud. It works by enabling the organization to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, data loss prevention, security and regulatory compliance risks. With its high technology platform, CipherCloud protects data in real time, before the information is sent to the cloud through Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE). The data is only decrypted, using locally stored encryption and decryption keys, after the authorized user retrieves it from the cloud. These keys are never shared with the provider of the cloud security services. Data loss, monitoring of the cloud environment and malware detection are also services provided by CipherCloud.

CipherCloud has received great recognition and numerous awards for their different achievements. The CEO, Pravin Kothari was awarded the CEO of the year award at the 10th Info Security Global Excellence Awards. CipherCloud has amassed a large number of users within the relatively short time it has been in existence, having been around for only four years. This translates to greater profits, which the management plans to use to hire more employees, expand their sales and marketing efforts, and open up new markets in other regions. This is bound to attract more investors, whose trust, CipherCloud has managed to achieve. In 2011, Gartner Inc., an American Information Technology research and advisory firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, named CipherCloud one of its best providers of cloud and cyber security.

Town Residential At The NYC Real Estate Expo

In early November of 2015, a real estate expo was held in New York City. Many important real estate businesspeople of prominence were in attendance, including Ken McCarthy from Cushman & Wakefield, Peter Von Der Ahe from Marcus & Millichap, Clarion Partners’ Tim Wang, and Spencer Levy of CBRE, just to name a few of the real estate professionals there.

2015 has been a great year for the real estate market in New York City, noted that it “has been a very strong year” by Mr. Ken McCarthy. New York City’s housing market continues to grow consistently and has a firm foothold as the number one area to buy a home in the world — that is, if a home is even available. A tiny apartment will usually cost more than half a million dollars, with actual houses ranging in the millions of dollars. Space is scarce in the Big Apple, which is the main constraint of housing in NYC Apartments for sale.

One of the most important real estate firms in New York City is Town Residential. Town Residential was chartered in 2010 by business partners Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger, who today are the co-chairman of the board and the chief executive officer, respectively. Town Residential almost exclusively focuses on apartments, homes, and properties worth at least one million dollars. In other words, Town Residential is the leading real estate company operating primarily in New York City dealing in nearly exclusively luxury homes.

It has been reported that attempting to lease any office space in any buildings in New York City has been difficult because there is so much competition for little spots available for offices. This trend is expected to continue into 2016 and probably even longer than that in New York City.

Town Residential has a long accumulation of listings of homes, apartments, condos, and all sorts of other living spaces in New York City. Everybody in New York City who is looking for a home or apartment to buy will have to be willing to fork over at least five hundred thousand dollars or risk not finding a good place to live. Town has listings for less than a million dollars, and have had some worth $30,000,000.

Slyce Introduces Your Virtual Assistant “Scout!”

Slyce the visual search recognition provide, and the owner of the coupon application SnipSnap has expanded the application to bring its clients a personal savings assistant. SnipSnap’s newest feature is called Scout, and Scout brings not only image recognition for shopping convenience, but a virtual human concierge to its users as well. A picture of the product that is scanned by a shopper sends the virtual assistant to scour the internet looking for the best possible deal. The entire process from start to finish takes about a minute.

The new feature called Scout has a low fail rate, and succeeds in his searches over 95 percent of the time. The application scours hundreds of thousands of shopping sites to search out the best prices for its users. Scout also takes note of price matching policies and rebates to bring you the best possible bargain, and if you don’t have a picture of the product you are looking for, Scout will accept keywords to go out and find your item.

The AI virtual human hybrid is produced by a 50 man team in Nova Scotia, and their goal is to improve the focus of Scout’s behind the scenes searches. What is different about this latest innovation is that Slyce’s algorithms are based on human input rather than developing the computer produced problem solving devices. There is some competition from Facebook, but Slyce’s technology far surpasses any other available shopping application.

SnipSnap’s Philadelphia based development team promises Scout before this Black Friday sales. Imagine doing Black Friday from your phone. Scout and SnipSnap are available to over five million users, and its adding thousands of users every week. Its profits come from the retail side of the image recognition products. Major retailers are jumping on board Slyce’s technology, and Nordstom, Neiman Marcus and Macys are already using it.

Slyce developed its shopping applications through the marriage of AI and existing product recognition software to produce, SnipSnap, Scout, Pounce and Craves. The applications work on all platforms including iOS and Android, and all the user has to do is snap a picture and send off Scout to save their hard-earned cash. Read the full story on Slyce’s new application at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Why New York Real Estate Industry is One of The Best in USA

Over the years, the real estate industry has continued to flourish and provide affordable housing facilities for many citizens across the world. This has led to increased living standards of many people globally. Many people have also developed interest in the development of commercial real estate companies that would compete favorably in the global arena. As such, United States of America has developed more sophisticated and state of the art real estate companies that have continued to provide high quality housing facilities for its citizens. New York City is the fastest growing state in terms of population which has necessitated the development of affordable housing facilities of the residence. The development of real estate in NYC apartments for sale has seen Manhattan borough continue to grow every years in provision of enough rental and residential houses for people. This has been made possible by the increased demand on the number of people seeking houses and apartments for rent. As a result, many homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn have been associated with luxury since they have been built to consumer perfection and with utmost modernization. This has facilitated the rent of houses to go high with one bed roomed houses going for over 3,000 dollars. The amount of acquiring houses has also gone high to over 900,000 dollars. As reported on Luxury Daily on www.luxurydaily.com/new-york-real-estate-reaches-record-high has seen many people acquire houses.

Due to the increased real estate companies in New York. There are companies that have scaled the heights to be among the most notable types of companies in providing quality affordable housing units. Town Residential is one of the leading real estate firms in New York. The company was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and has continued to invest in different real estate fields. The company deals in provision of highly residential sales, leasing and marketing of properties and houses and property development. These specifications have improved the working standards of the company in provision of professional services.

The firm has employed professional and experienced personnel who have ensured that the firm continues to offer good service to the general New York population. They have dedicated most of their time in ensuring the company realizes its goals in provision of affordable housing facilities for people. As a result, many locals and international personalities have developed interest in acquiring houses in New York through the services offered by the company. The company has developed good governance structures to ensure they deliver smooth services to their clients.

Make Cleaning your House Easier with Handy

Do you find yourself constantly searching for a hardworking, reliable house cleaner? This can be a long and frustrating process, especially in an industry that has historically been less than transparent. With all of the under the table payments going on it can be tough to know if you are really getting a good deal. Sometimes housekeepers who have been cleaning your house for months or even years will vanish without a word. A new service has stepped in to solve this problem, and that service is Handy. Handy is a home cleaning service that aims to make getting houses cleaned as quick and easy as possible. By inputting some basic information like zip code, number of rooms that need to be cleaned, and time of cleaning homeowners can instantly receive a quote for the cleaning which includes the tax as well as a tip for the cleaning professional. After receiving the quote all the homeowner needs to do is accept the price. Payment will then be deducted and Handy will take care of scheduling one of its cleaners to come by your residence at the agreed upon time. Handy’s team of cleaning professionals are a step above the rest thanks to its in-depth screening process. Everyone who wants to work for the service must submit a background check, undergo a thorough interview, and will have their references checked out. This has led to the company having a higher rejection rate than Harvard! Handy has had hundreds of thousands of applications and currently retains a workforce of over 5,000 contractors who complete at least one job for the service each month. To further put customers’ minds at ease the company offers a money back guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with the services provided they will receive 100% of their money back. To go along with this Handy also provides insurance in the case of any accidents. In the past if a cleaner were to break an item in your home you were out of luck, however thanks to Handy this item will be replaced at no cost to you. Handy’s presence is rapidly growing nationwide as well as internationally. The company’s services are available in 25 U.S. cities, two in Canada, as well as London. It has gone from a small service created at Harvard Business School by two room mates to a cleaning service with ambitions to be a one stop shop for all of your home care needs.

Eric Pullier’s Contribution To Computer Field

ComputerSciences Corporation is an American company which basically deals with information technology services. This corporation was founded back in the year 1959 by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt. During this time, computerSciences Corporation provided programming tools for instance the debugger and the compiler but later in the 1960s, it started offering software services to computer manufacturing companies. Computer Sciences Company was crowned to be the best and the largest software company in 1963 which made to be listed the first software company in the American Stock Exchange.

ComputerServices Corporation started having its operations in various countries after it was listed on the stock exchange in New York. Some of the different countries it started having its operations include; Spain, Brazil, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Canada and Netherlands. It later started wining large contracts in the finance and defense industry which made it to expand to global level. The company headquarters were later moved from California to Annandale in Virginia. The company recently announced its plans to separate the international business and the international business. Towards the end of the year 2015 the company announced that the company government services would form a new company after merging with SRA.

The recent statistics stated that CSC had ninety thousand employees in the seventy countries and was also ranked to be the best company in provision of IT services in the whole world. The company major operations are carried out in Asia, North America, and Australia. The company offers other services which may include; development of applications, network development, communication development, management of data, management of IT systems, business consulting, management of customer relations, payment processing and billing. Computer Sciences Corporation is highly recognized in the provision of software services where it is currently ranked as number eight best software company worldwide.

Eric Pulier an American author and an entrepreneur is currently the chairman of the board and the CEO of ServiceMesh Inc. He was in New Jersey where he started computer programming in his fourth grade. Pulier studied English and American literature at Harvard University in the year 1984. Pulier joined People Doing Things, a company that was based in Los Angeles and dealt with health care and education through the application of technology. Efforts to build a social network for the company led by Pulier were successful. The social site enabled children who were chronically ill to chat, post comments, blog and share other experiences they commonly underwent through. Pulier was later selected to deal with creation and execution of technology exhibition that used in Washington D.C . Eric participated in the different forums that were involved at Al Gores technology and health care. Pulier is well known to be beneficial to different non-profit organizations.

One Life to Live: a 43-Year-long Saga

On July 15 1968, the show One life to live was broadcasted on the ABC channel for the first time. It is commonly described as a soap opera, since it featured story lines of several characters, focusing on emotional relationships. It is interesting to note that the term “soap opera” was coined because such serials were usually sponsored by soap manufacturers. In the case of One life to live, the Colgate-Palmolive company was, indeed, the first sponsor of the show.

One life to live takes place in the state of Pennsylvania, in the fictional town of Llanview, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Its plot concentrates on the life of four families: the Lords, the Woleks, the Rileys and the Grays. While the show focuses more on the Lords, a wealthy, white family, it also features characters belonging to the working class. The Woleks are of Polish descent, the Rileys belong to the Irish and catholic middle-class while the Grays are African-American. As a result, One life to live was one of the first American daytime drama broadcasted on TV depicting people from various social groups and ethnicities.

One life to live revolves around the character of Victoria Lord, nicknamed. Saying that her life is eventful is probably an understatement since she is shown on screen falling in love, getting married, receiving a transplant from a dying husband, suffering through a heart disease then a breast cancer, experiencing dissociative identity disorders and being accused of murder. John McBain, Starr Manning, Blair Cramer and Natalie Buchanan are the four other characters seen the most frequently during the show and featured in more than 750 episodes.

Many actors from One life to live were praised for their acting skills and Crystal Hunt is one of them. She played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 until March 2010. Her character, commonly described as a “bad girl”, is the little sister of Gigi Morasco. While Stacy pretends to reconnect with her sister, she is mostly interested in her son, Shane then in her partner, Rex. When she discovers that Shane is sick with leukemia, she pretends to be a matching donor and forces her sister to break-up with her boyfriend in exchange for her blood. Another sub-plot involves Stacy sleeping with Rex then pretending to be pregnant with his baby to make him stay with her. While she is presumed dead after falling through the ice of a frozen lake, her character subsequently reappears later in the show.

Besides One life to live, Crystal Hunt also successfully played in several movies and TV shows all listed on CrunchBase. From 2003 to 2005, she was part of the cast of Guiding Light, another soap opera, where she played the part of Lizzie Spaulding and in 2014 she was chosen for the part of Molly in the movie 23 Blast. More recently, she was seen in Magic Mike XXL with Channing Tatum.  You can find an acting reel on her Vimeo, that showcases everything Crystal has done until now.


There are lots of proven ways to keep your do healthy. The article you are now reading is hoping to illustrate some of these points, using simple and basic terminology.

Look at the ingredients on the container or bag. What are the first five ingredients? The first five are always going to be the most important. Is meat on there? If it’s not in the top five, it’s not going to be valued. Just because it is on the bottom, does not mean it’s healthy.

Is it listed as a by-product? This is not real meat. Do not confuse the two. Unless it’s actual meat, it’s not going to be healthy.

You might see things like BHT/BHA. These are all fillers. Do not believe for a second that these are really nutrients, because they are not. Things like corn syrup and corn and animal syrup by-products are also in the category of unhealthy. Some labels try to dress this stuff up. Do not buy into it.

As humans, we get signs when we have eaten something that is bad. Dogs come with the same signs. Have you noticed any of the following:

1)Skin conditions

If you notice any of these issues, take them to see the doctor right away. Your dog might be having an allergic reaction to something he ate. There might even be an allergic reaction to the food itself. Do not overlook this. You want to stop this before it turns into something really bad.


It is okay to feed your dog human food every so often; but, do not make a habit out of this. There are certain foods that can cause metabolic issues for your dog. There are certain foods that can kill your dog. Thinks like chocolate can hurt or kill your dog. Nuts, chives and garlic are also toxic for your dog. Avoid these at all costs.

If you are concerned about something that your dog might be eating, talk to the vet about it. You can get a complete list for what to feed/what not to feed your dog from your vet. This will cut down any concerns that might come up.


If you haven’t already, take a look at the Beneful website. Not only is this dog food a really good brand; but, there is tons of information regarding the health of your dog online.You can find information on the above and so much more on the Beneful site.

Do yourself a favor and check it out now. Beneful on petco is one of the most underrated brands on the market. There has been lots of negative reviews about this brand; and yet, nothing has been actually proven. Please check out their site today. If you want to keep your do in good health, you need the Beneful brand.

An Overview of Spine Treatment by North American Spine

There are 1.2 million open back spine surgeries performed every year in the United States. Over 40% of the operations fail and cause spine related disabilities. It makes open back spine surgery syndrome the number one leading cause of disability more than cancer. The North American provide different back spine procedure to save people from the back spine injury. Its facilities have state of the art surgery equipment to offers treatment to back spine injury patients.

The North American has a unique method to perform successful back spine treatment. The method known as Acura scope procedure allows the access to the back spine through a natural opening in the back spine. The endoscopic camera can see through the end of the spine. The device also used has a laser that removes several impeachments the create pain into the patient. North American Spine reviews prove that the company has successfully treated several back spine injury patients. This procedure is an outstanding treatment technique that makes the North America Spine company unique.

The AccuraScope procedure provides minimal invasive decompression procedures to the patient. The company also uses Curraspine procedure in treating its patients. The method provides stabilization to the patients with spine instability. Traditional back spine treatment methods were more invasive with many complications hence taking the patient longer recovery time. At the North American Spine, the new treatment methods have proven highly effective, and they are less invasive and take patients short recovery time. The Acura scope procedure has more than 82% success rate and also very affordable. The method saves the patients more than $20000 as compared to standard traditional processes. The process takes approximately less than 45 minutes during treatment. This treatment ultimately treats chronic back pains.

The company has made its top priority in offering extreme continuum care. Several patients treated at the facility had lost hope of resuming a normal life after having a back spine injury. Through its advanced spine treatment procedures .many patients that were deemed historically not suitable to receive treatment have benefited it the company state of the art facilities. The company has more than 40 minimally invasive procedures for back -spine treatment. This procedure is good news for back or neck pain sufferers. Its physicians are spine experts highly train in spine surgery, neurosurgery and pain management. The company operates throughout the year. Its headquarters are in Dallas. The board has certified spine surgeon in its highly qualified and professional team. The company has new minimally invasive procedures that have proven to be more efficient in back -spine treatment.

The Success of Dan Newlin Law Firm

Dan Newlin and associates partner to form a personal injury law firm that is committed to helping accident and injury victims to recover all what they are entitled to due to various injuries. Dan Newlin is one of the Florida top-rated injury attorneys, having helped many accident victims recover over one hundred million dollars for injuries arising from various categories of accidents. He deals with both physical and psychological accidents that may be caused by individual negligence or by careless conduct of other people. He is ever ready to be consulted by victims who want to receive compensation for accidental damages and losses.

His Florida-based offices work round the clock to ensure victims get the justice they are entitled to. Lawyers in his firm understand the needs of victims and the fact that personal injuries can lead to devastating effects on the injured persons and their beneficiaries. His law firm is dedicated to helping victims to heal their psychological effects resulting from an injury, coupled with economic hardship that arises when they lose their income. He has qualified, knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced lawyers with unbeatable experience in law.

The lawyers provide free legal advice to victims, consequently helping them to get due compensation for their losses. The firm deals with accidents relating to medical malpractices, wrongful death, pedestrians, auto accidents, slip and fall, birth injuries, pharmaceutical malpractices among other accidents. It is important to consult them if one has a claim to pursue in the court of law for them to evaluate the nature of the case and start the judicial process.

The firm also provides legal services and advice that majority of insurance agencies do not provide. The chances of winning a claim while working with Dan Newlin and partners are very high since lawyers have developed a profound reputation in presenting and arguing the case successfully. Their dedication to helping injured people maximize the monetary recovery as well as protecting the legal rights of victims through professional legal representation.

Dan Newlin understands how traumatic personal accidents can affect victims, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, he offers necessary step-step actions to take after an occurrence of an injury. For instance, how soon should a victim report the case to the police? What’s the importance of getting contacts and names of the witnesses and taking photographs of the scene? A victim needs to make a phone call which is free, after which Dan Newlin and his team of lawyers respond quickly. Besides, he will provide assistance to victims with respect to actions that they ought to address shortly after the accident.